Pop Works and Company Peanut Butter & Caramel Popcorn Review

pop works and company peanut butter and caramel

Following on from my review of Pop Works Apple Pie Flavour Popcorn, today we have the Peanut Butter and Caramel variety. My blogger chum Nibbles & Scribbles wasn't too fond of this one, but to my surprise I found I rather enjoyed it...

Like the Apple Pie Flavour, this one is vegetarian, and appears to be gluten free although is made in a factory that handles barley. They aren't vegan as they contain milk. It cost me £1.50 in Tesco although I've since seen it for only £1 at Asda and The Co Op...stock up on it while you can!

pop works and co peanut butter and caramel

As before, I poured this into my new steel snacks bowl. It had an odd aroma, not particularly nutty, but almost...cheesy...kind of savoury. I wasn't sure what to expect.

pop works peanut butter and caramel
Popcorn Poodle!
When I first took a bite, it tasted a little odd. I was expecting sweet peanut butter but it tasted of something else entirely...again, kind of cheesy. Determined to taste the peanut butter flavour that was promised, I kept munching...and after a while the Flavour started to reveal itself. It's subtle, but it is there, and it's more savoury than sweet, but it became moreish and addictive the more I ate of it. I was soon scoffing down most of the bag.

Overall, as weird as this popcorn tasted initially I'm glad I persevered with it...I think perhaps most of the sweeter part of the flavouring had collected at the bottom of the bag or something. This is an unusual flavour for sure, but it's really not bad. Now hopefully Pepsico/Pop Works can bring out their Birthday Cake Popcorn that they sell in the U.S...I think that would go down a storm over here, especially if it's as good as the Toad-ally Snax Birthday Cake Popcorn I reviewed a while back!

8 out of 10.


  1. I've really tried my best to enjoy this but I just can't get over the cheesy flavour :/. Yack! Glad you liked it though!

    1. Seee cheesy it's so bizarre!! Pinkies crossed for the other excited flavours the US has xx

    2. Yes we need Birthday Cake!!! xx

  2. Absolutely love this! Doesn't taste cheesy at all one of the best popcorns I've ever eaten!

  3. Awful popcorn! Cheesy and no taste of peanut butter what so ever, avoid it!!


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