Proper Corn Crunch Corn Salt & Pepper Review

proper corn crunch corn salt and pepper

Proper Corn have launched a new innovation onto the snacking market...this time it's not popcorn as we know it, but "Crunchcorn", a half-popped corn snack that is "a bit like nuts". These are unlike regular fully popped corn as they still have some of the corn kernel intact, making them denser and crunchier than regular popcorn.

There were a few varieties when I spotted these in Tesco, like Sweet & Smoky Chilli, Salt & Vinegar and Rock Salt but I chose the simple but tasty Salt and Pepper variety. These are vegan, gluten free, GM free and unsurprisingly, nut even nut allergy sufferers can enjoy them. Result!

When I opened the bag I poured most of it into my fancy new steel snacks bowl that was a...steal (only 39p!) from Home Bargains:

proper corn crunch corn

Initially I was worried that the half-popped kernels would be hard and nasty like the bits of un-popped corn that you get in every bag of popcorn, but they tasted totally different; they're crunchy but not gritty, and very moreish! I can see why Proper Corn have likened them to nuts, they are definitely similar in texture. The salt and pepper seasoning was perfect, not too salty or spicy but just right. I found couldn't stop munching them..they're very addictive.

I poured some out of the bowl so you can get a better idea of what they look like...they have an almost cereal-like appearance:

proper corn crunch corn salt and pepper

Overall, I think Proper Corn might be onto a winner with these...and while I don't think anything will replace the humble salted peanut (or cashew!), these are a great alternative for anyone with nut allergies. I need to try the other flavours now!

8.5 out of 10.


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