Oppo Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina Ice Cream Review

oppo mint choc swirl with spirulina

Guilt free ice cream...surely such a thing doesn't exist, right? Well it does now, according to Oppo! They've created a three strong range consisting of Salted Caramel and Lucuma (which I reviewed the other day), Vanilla with Baobab, and Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of spirulina. The ice creams contain virgin coconut oil, the natural sweetener stevia, fresh milk and added superfoods. They're sugar free and low in fat and calories compared to standard ice creams. But do they taste good? You betcha they do!

oppo mint choc swirl ice cream

This Mint Choc Swirl variety consists of a minty ice cream containing spirulina extract, which is a type of nutrient-dense seaweed. Presumably this is what gives it the green colour. There's also a swirl of chocolate sauce made with Peruvian cacao and blossom honey. This ice cream usually costs £6 in Holland and Barrett but I've been lucky enough to find it for £1 in Heron Frozen Foods...needless to say my freezer is now stocked up with the stuff!

oppo mint choc swirl with spirulina

This is proper mint ice cream, it has a lovely fresh minty aroma and once it's been left at room temperature for a while it has the perfect consistency.

oppo mint choc swirl spirulina ice cream

For a healthy ice cream without sugar, this is surprisingly tasty, but it's also refreshing and light on the stomach. It's creamy enough to taste indulgent but the lack of sugar means the more subtle mint chocolate flavours get a chance to shine. It tasted so nice that somehow I ended up eating the whole tub at once...oops! Well, it is lower in sugar and calories so I reckon that's ok! ;)

Overall, this is a fantastic guilt free ice cream...I never thought it'd be possible to find something healthy as well as indulgent but Oppo have managed it. While I wouldn't pay the full price for a tub, I can see why some people would and that's because it really is very good. I can't yet decide whether I like the Mint or the Salted Caramel variety the most...both are great, but I think this one just has the edge. That said, it could all change if I find the Vanilla and Baobab variety...if I do you can be sure I'll be reviewing that one too!

9 out of 10. 


  1. I always find it amazing how some people can eat a whole tub of ice cream in one go.. I get cold then brain freeze and then feel dead woozy haha. I really need to try these Oppo ice creams! Nibby Nobs loves them :D xx

    1. Nobby has good taste! :D You'd be surprised how nice these are for "fun free" ice creams as you'd call them haha. As for the brain freeze I hate that with ice creams too but it's not a problem with these once they get all melty :) xx

  2. Mint is definitely my favourite flavour oppo. vanilla is really good as well, probably slightly better than the salted caramel. I too stocked up on this from Heron! £1 a pint is incredible

  3. I got a free tub of this with a voucher - i would never pay that much for, but it was nice for free. i thought the sauce was a bit chemical tasting but overall not bad for 'free' and 'guilt free'

  4. My local Waitrose started selling this and the salted caramel version. I nabbed the mint version and really enjoyed it.


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