Discover Cacaosuyo 50% Milk Chocolate (M&S)

M&S are continuing to reduce many items in their chocolate range, the latest one being this Discover Cacaosuyo 50% cacao milk chocolate bar. They're usually over £4 a bar, but recently they were down to £2.49 which isn't bad so I thought I'd give it a try. This is extra fine milk chocolate that has won some Internstional chocolate awards, so someone clearly thinks it's special stuff.

This is made in Peru from Piura White Cacao and high quality milk, with vanilla grown in the Peruvian jungle. The cocoa solids are listed as 54% minimum and milk solids as 24% minimum.

Opening the cardboard sleeve revealed a plastic wrapped bar, with a lovely looking gold decorated design. 

The actual bar is rather simple but effective; 8 chunky squares that can be further split into two...not that anyone is going to do that! 

The chocolate had a lovely rich aroma, this is definitely high quality milk chocolate. It tasted equal parts rich and creamy, the cocoa has a distinctive woody flavour, which stands out over any average milk chocolate. The milk gives it a comforting creamy edge that compliments it perfectly, it's not too sweet but just the right amount of milk. I can see why this stuff has won awards! 

Overall, this is a very tasty chocolate bar, and while I wouldn't pay the full price I'm glad I got to try it a little cheaper. If you like good quality chocolate this is definitely worth trying. They also do a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar that's available in M&S.

8 out of 10.


  1. Thats a very fancy looking bar.. I thought you had a golden ticket at first! Haha xx


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