Pizza Express Gluten Free Margherita Pizza (Sainsbury's)

I've been on the hunt for this new gluten free pizza from Pizza Express ever since I heard about's very difficult to find a good gluten free pizza, there's very few on the market and no other brand makes fresh ones like this. The prospect of a decent pizza had me very excited!

Luckily my local large Sainsbury's store now sells these, in the fresh foods section along with the other Pizza Express pizzas. It cost £4, obviously quite a lot for a regular sized pizza, but I don't mind paying extra in this case.

The pizza is vegetarian, certified gluten free by coeliac UK and comprises of Pizza Express' signature free from base, with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and herbs. A simple, but classic combination.

Removing it from the box, it looked like any other basic thin and crispy style pizza. I sprinkled some extra herbs and olive oil on top before takes around 10 minutes but I got distracted and left it in the oven a bit too long and it burnt slightly...oops!

Luckily I managed to save it from oblivion just in was still edible and not too overdone.

It tasted very nice, the base is chewy and crispy, the parts where it was well cooked were a bit too crispy but the rest was perfectly fine. The cheese and sauce tasted nice, there was a good amount of both. The pizza was very enjoyable as part of a meal, especially for someone who hasn't been able to eat fresh pizza like this for quite a while now at home! (I'm too lazy to make my own)

Overall, this is a very good gluten free pizza, probably the best in supermarkets right now actually, certainly better than the frozen ones I've tried. If you want a quality gluten free pizza then this is the one to go for. Highly recommended.

8.5 out of 10. 


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