Marks & Spencer The Dark One Chocolate Bar

marks and spencer the dark one chocolate bar

So I've tried The White One and The Milk One from M&S, now I thought it about time I finally go to the dark side and try The Dark One...I could feel the evil rushing into my hands as soon as I bought this! ;)

As any fan of the popular series Once Upon A Time will know (hi Cakey!) The Dark One is the formal title of the evil Rumplestiltskin, so I was feeling both excited and nervous trying this...would it turn me into a crocodile?!

marks and spencer the dark one

Thankfully not...the hand lives to tell the tell, huzzah! What we have here is a simple Dark Chocolate bar containing 50% cocoa solids, with curved shaped blocks and the M&S logo printed on each one. Helpfully the last block is called "the last one", although as The Cakey One pointed out to me, the last one could also be the first one depending on how you eat maybe you need to rethink this bar, M&S!

It tasted okay, it's simple plain chocolate that's sweet and smooth. If you like sweeter dark chocolate rather than high cocoa stuff you'll enjoy this, it's like Cadbury Bournville but nicer. Personally though I prefer something darker...this Dark One wasn't dark enough for me!

Overall, this is a nice bar if you're a fan of plain chocolate but if you like chocolate above 70% cocoa you'll want to look elsewhere.

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. I'm the Emma Swan to your Killian Jones! .. But we've had our darkness removed! ;) xx


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