New Cadbury Fudge Minis Review

new cadbury fudge minis

There seems to be a war going on in the snacks world at the moment...who can shrink their products into miniature size the fastest?! Maybe it's a stealth get you to part with your money of course. 

Cadbury launched Dinky Deckers - bite size versions of Double Decker - only recently, but now they've gone a step further and chopped up their fudge bars to make them mini first I thought this actually was a bag of Dinky Deckers since the packaging has a similar orange and purple colour scheme.

These cost £1 in Tesco Express, and contain 120g of mini Cadbury Fudge pieces, which are suitable for vegetarians, but it's not stated if they are manufactured near gluten or nuts.

cadbury fudge minis

Opening the bag, they had the typical milky comforting aroma usually associated with Cadbury fudge...

cadbury fudge minis

They tasted as expected; very sweet, with the chocolate tasting milky but not particularly chocolatey. Cadbury's chocolate quality really has gone downhill in recent years, it's on par with Nestle nowadays for being poor quality which is saying something. However the tasty fudge makes up for it...these are very moreish, and moreso in bitsize form than in their regular form.

Overall, what can I say, it's Cadbury Fudge but in mini form. The only real question now is what Mondelez will miniaturize next...

8 out of 10.


  1. Personally I think it will be invisible products next haha what with all of these cost saving strategies. An empty bag...


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