Nakd Posh Bits Cocoa Mandarin Flavour

nakd posh bits cocoa mandarin

Nakd (aka Natural Balance Foods) have launched a new range of "premium, grown up snacks" called Posh Bits. These replace the Nakd Bits range that have been out for a while now, to the disappointment of many fans I'm sure.

nakd cocoa mandarin posh bits

Like all Nakd products, these are a mixture of raw fruit and nuts "smooshed together", and are raw, vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Here's the ingredients list:

nakd posh bits cocoa mandarin

Also here's the Nutrition Information, for those who like details of calories and fat etc.

nakd posh bits mandarin calories

If these are indeed meant to replace Nakd Cocoa Orange Bits, they certainly do a good job of it...they're very tasty! I liked the differing shapes of the bits, there's hearts:


And, what I can only describe as "domes":

nakd posh bits cocoa mandarin

The shapes certainly make the whole experience of eating these a lot more fun....but how do they taste?

Well, they're addictively yummy! They have a lovely zesty aroma and flavour from the mandarin, with a good strong cocoa kick. They're the perfect texture; chewy and dense, but not overly soft or too hard. I found them very satisfying and as moreish as they are, for once I didn't want to eat the full bag.

Overall, I have to say these Cocoa Mandarin Posh Bits are a worthy successor to the Cocoa Orange Bits. The Mandarin gives them a juicier, sharper edge that is definitely more sophisticated and the different shapes make them fun to eat. They cost £2.75 a bag in Sainsbury's which is a bit steep for 130g, but they are worth it and I imagine they'll be reduced in price at some point.

9 out of 10.


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