Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles Review

booja booja hazelnut chocolate truffles

I've been enjoying exploring the world of vegan and dairy free products recently, although I do still eat dairy I actually prefer some dairy free stuff as it sits more lightly on my stomach, so it's always nice to find new Dairy Free chocolates. They're usually hard to find and generally only available in health food stores, but one product I've always wanted to try but could never really afford were Booja Booja truffles. As many vegans or anyone avoiding dairy knows, they're a little pricey to put it mildly! This particular box usually costs £10-£15 in shops, sometimes more! But I was lucky enough to find it reduced on a local market stall to only £2.85 - what a bargain (I know, I'm a jammy so-and-so!)

This was my first experience of Booja Booja chocolates and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the beautiful, hand-painted artists box they come in. They feel truly special and unlike any ordinary box of chocolates...I can see why the price is usually so high. Opening the lid revealed a purple felt-backed inner box with a gold seal across the tray of truffles...fancy!

booja booja the artists box chocolate truffles

Removing the seal revealed 16 hazelnut truffles. The fillings are a mixture of coconut oil, hazelnut and dark chocolate, with a coating of dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. I've never seen truffles that look as special as these before...I almost felt bad for removing one!

booja booja vegan chocolate truffles

They tasted divine, and better than they looked: the chocolate is rich and flavoursome, and certainly the lack of dairy isn't missed at all. The truffle filling is rich rather than sickly sweet, with a delicious hazelnut flavour. The chocolate felt very satisfying to eat with a cup of coffee, in fact I didn't feel like eating more than two at once...not something I can often say about chocolates!

booja booja hazelnut truffles

This was actually a box I managed to savour and make last, not that I didn't buy several boxes while they were at such a bargainous price though!

Overall, I am so glad I finally got to try Booja Booja chocolates after hearing so much praise about them over the years. They truly are special chocolates, whether or not you're vegan or dairy intolerant, the whole experience feels special and unique and like care and attention has gone into making them. This is what chocolate should be like rather than the cheap selection boxes peddled by large supermarkets every year. You can't go wrong with these as a special gift for a loved one, whether it be birthdays or Christmas. I only hope I can find these reduced again at some point...not very likely but I can dream!

9 out of 10.


  1. I've been wanting to try Booja Booja for ages, after hearing good things. I'm neither vegan or dairy free, but these are definitely something I'll try after reading this. They sound amazing. Love the packaging too.

  2. Good golly gosh - They look amazing and oh so fancy! xx

    1. If I ever find them again...I'll lob you some over at Xmas :D xx


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