Green & Blacks Organic Almond Milk Chocolate Bar

I've always liked Green & Blacks chocolate but found the price off-putting, so when I saw their bars reduced recently in Sainsbury's I thought I should take the opportunity to try a few I've never had before. One was this Milk Chocolate and Almond bar, which contains 37% cocoa solids organic milk chocolate with chopped roasted almonds. After trying other nutty bars recently like the Dairy Milk Chopped Nut and Ritter Sport Hazelnuts I was curious how this would compare...I know hazelnuts and chocolate work beautifully together but it's a while since I've had some with almonds in.

Unwrapping the bar revealed a nice slab with very small blocks, which smelled lovely and rich with a savoury nutty edge.

The almonds are very plentiful in the bar indeed, there were a lot more than I was expecting. 

The chocolate tasted yet creamy, with a good cocoa flavour, and the almonds bringing a moreish savoury nuttiness to the bar. They worked perfectly with the milk chocolate, and the crunchiness made it all the more addictive.

Overall, this is a fantastic bar, maybe even better than most other nutty chocolate bars including Ritter Sport Hazelnuts, I think I prefer the almonds more! It's the rich, good quality milk chocolate that really sells it though.

8.5 out of 10.


  1. I was always a massive G&B fan too but their white choc has seriously gone down the swanny. Even Elliot, the milkybar kid finds it grim! Perhaps I should give this a whirl :D xx

    1. I dint like their white chic now either :( This is deffo much better! xx


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