Nestlé Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream Bar Review

At last...the new Nestlé Wonka bars have been released into the wild! I spotted this Chocolate Nice Cream variety in B&M Bargains for 69p, which is considerably less than the extortionate 90p I paid for the Millionaires Shortbread version I found in a newsagents last week.

I bought two bars...just for reviewing purposes, you understand! I didn't open them soon as I'd bought them, though; instead I let them languish in the cupboard for a while. I suppose I wasn't too excited about trying them since I found the Millionaire's Shortbread variety so disappointing.

When I had the munchies for something sweet I finally broke into one. The bars are described as "Smooth vanilla creme topped with chocolate sauce", with 30% of the bar being creme and 15% being sauce. Biting into a piece, I was first met with the vanilla creme. It tasted pleasant enough, with a decent vanilla taste, but was intensely sweet. It contained real vanilla seeds which gave it a speckled look, although I'm not sure they enhanced the flavour all that much. The chocolate "sauce" portion tasted ok, infact I rather liked the sticky gloopyness as it added something different to the mass of sweet vanilla creme. It made me wonder though why the Millionaire's Shortbread bar didn't have a sticky filling like this too.

One thing I liked about this bar is that the blocks look a bit more interesting than those of the Millionaire's Shortbread - each one has what appears to be a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce poured over it, although at first I thought it was meant to be the Wonka top-hat symbol. It's a small touch, but goes a long way to making the bar more interesting.

Overall, this is an ok bar of chocolate but it was too sweet for me and I certainly didn't think it was exciting enough to befit the Willy Wonka name. I'm still curious about the Crème Brûlée bar - which is due for release next month in large-format only - but can only imagine what sugary horrors await...

Price: 69p at B&M Bargains.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Doesn't state on packaging.
Allergy Information: Contains milk. May contain nuts and soya.
Nutrition Information (per bar): 193 Calories, 21.5g Carbohydrates, 10.9g Fat.


  1. I Kind of enjoyed this bar as you can tell from although it was on the sweet side.

  2. Well kev you were ripped off, wonka rsp is 60p regardless of where you shop, anyone sell0ling above 65p is taking the p, the millionaire contains hazelnuts and both bars are suitable for vegiteraians. But enjoym creme brule is coming soon and its delicious

  3. I think I must be one of the very few people who actually really enjoyed this bar of chocolate.

    Then again I do have quite a sweet tooth so that might explain it.

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