Hotel Chocolat Saint Lucia Island Growers 100% Dark

Whilst searching for "unsweetened chocolate" for a recipe recently, I was led to this 100% Dark Saint Lucia bar from Hotel Chocolat. It's surprisngly difficult to find unsweetened 100% cocoa chocolate in the UK, and this was the only one I could find in all the shops I looked in.

I was offered a sample by a Hotel Chocolat assitant before buying, and was warned not to bite off too much due to the "intense" flavour. I'm glad she told me this because this chocolate is very, very intense indeed, at least to someone like me who isn't used to such fine dark chocolates!

I enjoyed it though. The chocolate is more like a fine wine than something to be eaten in mass quantities. It's meant to be savoured and appreciated for it's depth of flavour, and only a little is needed to provide that. I purchased only one small 35g bar but it lasted me for ages - something I can't say about any other chocolate bar I've ever bought! The label describes it as "A bark worse than its excellent bite. A lush creaminess delivers notes of roasted cocoa and antique oak, followed by clean flavours of grassy, peppery olive oil".

Overall, this is a fantastic quality chocolate, but the intense flavour will be far too much for most people. I think it'd be perfect for those trying to lose weight since it is sugar-free, and because of the intense flavour you're certainly not going to want to eat loads of it. Quality over quantity, as they say!

Price: £3.75 from or in their stores. You can use the code QSUMXFD to get free postage for this bar. 
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: May contain traces of soya, nuts and milk.


  1. Do you remember where you bought this Kev? I'd like to try it if I can find some!

    (Dear Thirty)

    1. Hi Emma, I got it from my local Hotel Chocolat store. Do you have one near you? I'm not sure if they sell it online or not but here's their website:

      I warn you though - they have some lovely stuff, it's all very tempting! :)

    2. Haha - Great Thanks Kev.......I don't think we have one of those stores in Ipswich.....but I'll will take a look at their website :)

    3. I managed to order it online - it's £3.75 per bar and if you use code: QSUMXFD at checkout you get free postage :D

    4. Wow free postage, I wonder if that will work for their other bars too :D


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