Butterkist Toffee Apple Flavour Popcorn (Limited Edition) Review

Well, this is a first - a new product on shelves that isn't Christmas-themed! Yes, Butterkist have bucked the trend and released a limited edition flavour more suited to the Autumn months instead - Toffee Apple!

I found this popcorn in B&M Bargains of all places, for 99p. It's described as "Popcorn coated with Apple flavour Toffee (65%)". There's a blurb on the pack that says "A taste that transports you to a land of ferris wheels, helter skelters and horse carousels". I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think of any of those when I think of toffee apples - I think of Bonfire Night and Halloween!

I was expecting the popcorn to have a buttery toffee taste, but instead was met with a strong, sweet apple flavour. Infact I couldn't really taste much toffee at all - the coating was just sweet and crunchy. The apple was most dominant, and in that respect I guess this popcorn replicates the flavour of toffee apple quite well, since real toffee apples contain a greater ratio of apple to toffee.

Overall, I thought this popcorn was okay but I would've preferred a stronger toffee flavour. It's nice to see a limited edition specifically for autumn though, so kudos to Butterkist for this attempt!

For an interesting read on the history of Toffee Apples (or Candy Apples as they're called in North America), check out the wikipedia page here.

Price: 99p at B&M Bargains (RRP £1.49).
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk and soya.

RATING: 6 out of 10. 


  1. This looks good, and it's great to see an Autumnal flavour for a change!

  2. i made the discovery at my local supermarket and was amazed to see the flavour and thought i must try that, so, i came home opened the packet with some eagerness and I am sat eating them as i read this, also finding my anticipation met with disappointment, as i was expecting the red toffee that tastes so delicious on toffee apples on the popcorn ( and thinking, oh, how original... seasonal and festive, great idea....) not an almost fake tasting sour apple back-note to every bite.

    I think they would have tasted nicer had they just reduced apple juice to a syrup and made toffee from that instead... the apple flavour would at the least taste like apple...

    A. Popcorn-Lover.... ( lol )


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