Barr Strawberry Sours Limited Edition Pop Review

This "Strawberry Sours" pop from Barr has been calling me for a while now. I kept seeing it in a local discount store and thinking "ooh, that looks interesting", but the cheap price made me think it would be a bit rubbish. After seeing Foodstuff Find's post on Barr's Limited Edition Bubblegum flavour pop though I decided to finally give it a go in the hope it would be as good.

Of course, the most famous pop Barr are known for is the Scottish delicacy Iron Brew, or "Irn Bru". Being a big Iron Brew fan I hoped this would be similarly as good.

Unfortunately it wasn't, but it was still a pretty tasty pop drink for 39p. It was strongly fizzy, moreso than a lot of carbonated drinks these days which have a rather weak fizz. The strawberry taste had a nice sour tang but it was quite artificial and certainly didn't taste anything much like a strawberry I've ever eaten. But I suppose that's the joy of pop isn't it - artificial flavours ahoy!

Overall, this is a nice enough fizzy drink for the price, and certainly worth trying once if you like interesting pop flavours.

Apparently this is a limited edition that was brought out last Summer, so I'm not sure if the can I bought is old stock or if it's one of those limited editions that lasts for ages. If you've tried this drink yourself please do get in touch via the comments!

Price: 39p from local discount store.

RATING: 6 out of 10. 


  1. where can I buy a sour strawberry drink from

    1. Sorry I dont know anywhere that sells it anymore.

  2. thanks 4 ur thots m8


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