Thorntons White Chocolate Strawberry Crush and Orange Pressé Bars (Limited Edition) Review

Whilst browsing WH Smith recently I spotted these Limited Edition Thorntons Summer bars. There weren't many left on the shelf so I quickly snapped up one of each. I'm a big fan of white chocolate and strawberry combinations so couldn't wait to try the Strawberry Crush bar in particular! Both bars were 79p each or 2 for £1.20.

Strawberry Crush:
This is described as "Delicious white chocolate with a smooth strawberry centre". Opening the wrapper I was met with a very pretty-looking bar. The pink sprinkles scattered over the chocolate gave it a really special and summery feel. Breaking the bar in half revealed a fluffy strawberry centre:

It looked so nice that I didn't want to eat it, yet at the same time I couldn't wait to get stuck in!

I finally bit into it and was met with the fluffy, truffle-like filling. It tasted lovely; it was very creamy and zingy with a realistic strawberry flavour. The white chocolate went perfectly with it, adding even more creaminess.

Overall, this was a lovely chocolate bar which I will definitely buy again if I see it in shops. Unfortunately it's only a limited edition so looks like it may not be around for a while - here's hoping Thorntons bring it back next year!

Orange Pressé:
Described as "Smooth milk chocolate with orange mousse centre", this one tasted nice enough but it wasn't as interesting or tasty as the Strawberry Crush bar.

The orange filling was pleasant and fruity and reminded me of  Terry's Chocolate Orange. The chocolate coating was tasty and rich, as Thorntons chocolate usually is. But overall I felt it lacked a "wow" factor and that the flavour was a bit tame.

I thought these were some nice limited editions from Thorntons, and I do hope they bring back the Strawberry Crush bar again next year. If anyone's spotted these in shops please do let me know in the comments - I'm curious if they're still around.

Price: 79p per bar or 2 for £1.20 at WH Smith.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk & soya. May contain nuts & egg. No gluten-containing ingredients.
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  1. I would have commented earlier but I have been snowed under with school work
    These look amazing, I shall have to pick them up when I am next in town! Great review Kev :)


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