Cadbury Dairy Milk with D'aim Bar Review

When Cadbury/Mondelez UK announced they were launching this new Dairy Milk with Daim bar, it didn't surprise me all that much. Dairy Milk is a much more well-known brand here in the UK and so it made sense they would axe the existing Milka with Daim in favour of a Dairy Milk version. It's a shame, but that's the way the snacks world works I guess!

This bar comes in a 120g format, which is the same size as the Dairy Milk with Oreo bar launched last year. It's described on the wrapper as "Milk chocolate with crunchy almond caramel pieces (20%)". The almond caramel pieces being, of course, Daim pieces.

It tasted pretty much like I expected - delicious! Dairy Millk chocolate always tastes good, but the addition of the moreish Daim pieces made it even better and highly munchable. I loved how crunchy they were - each block is just filled with their tasty, crunchy goodness!

Compared to Milka with Daim, there's a few things which make the overall experience of this bar slightly different. Firstly, the chunks are much thicker, which means there's more focus on the chocolate and less on the Daim pieces, which is unfortunate as they're ridiculously tasty. Secondly, Dairy Milk chocolate is a bit sweeter than Milka which makes it harder to eat too many blocks of this at once.

Overall, I'm a bit torn over what to think of this bar. On the one hand it's incredibly tasty, delicious, moreish and (*insert other adjectives to describe how good it is here!*), but I don't like the fact that its existence means Milka with Daim will be no more. Boo!

Grumbles aside, this is a fantastic bar of chocolate and one I would highly recommend. Infact it's probably one of the nicest new bars Cadbury have brought out in ages!

Price: £1.40 per 120g bar at Tesco. Should be in Sainsbury's soon.
Suitable for vegetarians?: No (Perhaps due to containing whey powder?)
Allergy Information: Contains milk, almonds and soya. May contain other nuts and wheat.
Nutrition Information (per 3 chunks): 80 Calories, 4.5g Fat (2.6g Saturates), 8.5g Carbohydrates (8.5g Sugars).

RATING (new!): 9 out of 10. 

*Many thanks to the fantastic A Review A Day Blog for letting me know where to find this bar. Check out his review of it HERE


  1. Really don't understand why it takes so looooooooooong for new chocs to reach my town especially that I don't live that far away from Cadbury's World.

    It's sad that the Milka Daim will be no more as I found it delicious and liked the fact it wasn't too sweet!

    1. At least you got the new cadbury xmas bar early :D I haven't seen it any shops near me.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Did you see any of the new big Wonka bars on your Tesco travels? The shelf labels have been up for three days in mine, but no stock. They're taunting me.

    1. I haven't seen them yet. They had the labels ready for them at Sainsbury's too, but no stock. I'm guessing they'll go on sale next week.

  3. I loved Milka with Daim, unfortunately it's hard to find in most Polish stores since it's only a limited edition here. I think sooner or later I will have to buy some Cadbury chocolates online, I heard so much about this brand so I'm curious.

  4. Disgusted this bar not suitable for vegetarians, yucky rennet in it from calves stomach, beautiful! Why do they have to put these yucky things into chocolate bars!
    Please use vegetarian whey powder!

  5. For all you Milka/Daim fans, it's still available in France, where they don't have Dairy Milk - one to look out for if you're going on a pre-xmas booze cruise !

  6. I can still find Milka Dairm in local Tescos... Lucky me. Milka is my favourite and the dairm pieces are great.

    happy new year.

  7. We can still get Milka Daim bar but the cadbury's one is just as delicious as is there chopped fruit and nut. I note that Lidle did a wholenut Hazelnut bar but have recently followed Cadbury by chopping the nuts up.


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