Mr Tom Peanut Chocolate Bar

If you like peanuts and chocolate, this is the bar for you! I found this Mr Tom Chocolate bar in Poundland recently for the price guessed it.

It's described as "Milk chocolate with 35% caramelized and roasted peanuts", contains 30% cocoa solids and is made by the company Hosta who also produce the original Mr Tom peanut bar.

I remember this being reviewed on Jim's Chocolate Mission ages ago and thought it would be one of those foreign chocolate bars I'd never get to try, so I was very pleased to see it in Poundland! It's also been reviewed here by Foodstuff Finds, and it didn't fare too well with them.

The bar is a nice thick block and you can hopefully see here that there's plenty of nuts embedded in the chocolate (they make up 35% of the bar infact).

The chocolate is quite sweet, as mentioned by Foodstuff Finds, but I thought it was nice. I've had far, far worse in my time that's for sure. It's the caramelized and roasted peanuts that really bring it to life though: they're crunchy, salty, sweet and moreish! There seemed to be a mix of plain roasted chopped peanuts, as well as shards of sweeter caramelized peanuts. It's a simple combination, but it worked well and was very tasty. It didn't take me long to munch through the whole bar to myself.

Overall, a tasty chocolate bar which I would highly recommend if you like peanuts and chocolate. For £1 this is a bargain and I'll certainly be buying some more next time I'm in Poundland!


  1. I had to buy one of these Mr Tom 200g chocolate bars in respect to my cat, Mr Tom who died in 2012. The chocolate is of great quality compared to many others.


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