McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives

After seeing these McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives on A Review A Day, I knew I had to seek them out - they sounded like the Ultimate in chocolate digestives.

They're described as "Chocolate flavoured Digestive biscuits with chocolate chips, half coated in milk chocolate". This pack cost me £1.35 at Sainsbury's.

Opening the wrapper they certainly smelled more chocolatey than a regular chocolate digestive, and the digestive base was much darker, although not quite the intense darkness of a Bourbon Cream or Oreo, which is what I was really hoping for.

Breaking them up revealed some chocolate chips randomly embedded throughout the digestives, which hopefully you can see here:

Taste-wise...they were nice. Very chocolatey, and the chocolate chips certainly enhanced the experience, but I doubt these will be taking the Chocolate Digestive crown any time soon. They're not quite amazing or wow enough for that, and I would have preferred a richer flavoured digestive base akin to a Bourbon Cream, though they were still pretty great dunked in coffee.

They remind me of when McVitie's brought out Yog Fruit Digestives...does anyone else remember those? They were very unique and tasty; they were digestives with dried berries embedded in them with a creamy yogurt topping, and tasted amazing dunked in tea or coffee. I still mourn the day McV's discontinued them.

Overall, these Double Chocolate Digestives are a delicious take on Digestives and will surely be very popular, but personally I prefer the original.


  1. mmm these do look very yummy! Sometimes a simple digestive is the perfect treat, and I'll definitely give this Double Chocolate version a go. I don't remember the Yog Fruit Digestives but they sound very unusual!

  2. I had a packet of these once and couldn't remember where I'd got them. But now I have found them hereon line.

    Anyone know where I can get these in decent quantities?

    Before I lucked into these, I used to think dark chocolate Hobnobs were the only real way home. I'm sure they're still fine and good as entry level stuff, but these double chocolate digestives really float the boat, ring bells etc.

    I think this is probably just stage 2 or 3 in the great chocbichunt and as we speak, read and write, there is even better stuff being created with loads of love and even more chiocolate.

    Anyway, back to today's mission >>>>>>>>>> anyone know where I can get some. My nearest Sainsbury (likely source)is miles away.

    Anyone doing them over the net?

    Answers to


    1. Hi, according to mysupermarket they are sold at Asda, Ocado and Sainsburys and are currently on offer for 67p at Sainsburys until 30th April. If I were you I would get down to Sainsburys and stock up! :)

      And youre right, theyre probably brewing up new biscuit combinations as we speak haha. I wish they would do something like a lemon cheesecake digestive, now that would be truly something.

  3. I respectfully disagree, Kev. These are one of the greatest biscuits I have ever tasted. Your palette is mistaken.
    The only issue I have is that they are in fact a TRIPLE chocolate biscuit not a double.
    1. Chocolate Bisuit
    2. Chocolate chips
    3. Chocolate coating.

    Bad form, Mcvities.

    1. Very true, they missed a trick there by not calling them triple chocolate.

      And don't get me wrong, I *do* think these are pretty great! But the originals have a charm which cannot be replaced by a new model!

    2. No no, the biscuits are acurately described. "Chocolate flavoured Digestive biscuits with chocolate chips, half coated in milk chocolate". I'd have expected this blog to realise what's going on here...

      The first chocolate Anonymous lists is merely chocolate FLAVOUR. So, there are indeed only 2 chocolate instances in these biscuits - the chips and the milk choc coating. McVitie's can't technically call them triple *chocolate* biscuits because that would be misleading. Read very carefully the ingredients list for details. Chocolate flavour does not equal chocolate!

  4. Kev, your reviews are great. Do you get paid for product testing by any chance (that would be good!). Now I usually do buy chocolately things often. You don't seem to have much of a sweet tooth though, do you?


    1. Thanks :) No I don't get paid for product testing, I wish I did! Most of my reviews are things I bought myself, apart from the odd few products companies sometimes send me. When they do I always mention this.
      As for having a sweet tooth I think my taste has just adjusted over the years and now I find a lot of chocolate far too sweet!

  5. :-)
    It shows you are happy, which is important. Too many people unhappy...we should all start a choco-lifestyle.

  6. These are OK. Perfectly nice choc digestives. But do not come close to the best, McV's dark choc digestives.

  7. why would you dip biscuits in coffee you bloody savage


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