Wawel Tiki Taki & Wawel Malaga

Whilst browsing my local Polish store recently I noticed these Wawel chocolates near the till. For 20p each, I thought there was no harm in giving them a try. Looking at the pictures on the boxes they were in, I assumed the Tiki Taki was coconut flavoured and the Malaga Plum flavoured.

I thought their shapes were a bit mismatched with the flavours. The Tiki Taki has an almost hazelnut-like shape, whilst the Malaga has an almost orange-segment-like shape.

Left: Tiki Taki                                  Right: Malaga
Cutting them open revealed two very different types of filling. The Tiki Taki had a creamy duel-layered praline and coconut truffle type filling:

Tiki Taki
Whilst the Malaga had some kind of gooey "jam" type filling, with little bits of dried fruit in:

I had no idea what I was actually getting with these, so it was nice trying to guess. Biting into the Tiki Taki, I could mainly taste a dry, crumbly coconut truffle, with some kind of praline layer on top. It tasted very rich and coconutty. The chocolate coating seemed to be a standard plain chocolate, which tasted ok. Overall the Tiki Taki was pleasant, if a little bit rich.

Biting into the Malaga, I was met with a syrupy, sweet taste of dried fruit and a hint of alcohol. I thought it was date or prune flavour at first. The chocolate coating was again a standard plain chocolate, which tasted ok.
Overall it was an unusual chocolate, and something I have never tasted the like of before. I wouldn't say I loved it, but it wasn't awful either, just... "different".

After a bit of online research, it seems that the Malaga contains either raisins, dried plums, or both, and is named after Malaga wine. The Tiki Taki is apparently coconut fondant with peanut praline. If anyone can enlighten me further, please do leave a comment below.

Overall these are two little oddities which are certainly unique - I've never tasted anything quite like them before. Although they aren't exactly great quality, I think they're worth trying at least once.


  1. The Rare Snacks Hunter strikes again! I love the unusual names of these and the flavour combinations certainly sound, erm, interesting! I would definitely give the Tiki Taki a try after reading this review - not sure I would have been brave enough otherwise :-)

    1. Hehe thanks. Let me know what you think of the Tiki Taki if you try it :)

  2. What a great chocolate name - Tiki Taki just noticed these (currently looking at my Tesco online grocery) am quite tempted to buy them after reading your review.

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