Corifeo White Chocolate Hazelnuts

Whilst browsing TK Maxx recently I came across this bag of "Corifeo Chocolate Hazelnuts", and at first I thought they were some sort of orange truffles. It turns out they're actually white chocolate coated hazelnuts with an orange colored sugar shell. They cost £1.99 and are made by Corifeo who are a German private label producer of "schoko dragees", which are basically chocolates with crisp sugar shells.

Despite the orange coating they didn't actually taste of orange, which was dissappointing. Here's one cut open:

Taste-wise, they were very addictive thanks to the crunchy roasted hazelnuts. The white chocolate however was a bit mild and non-descript in flavour, without any taste of creaminess. It was a nice enough coating though, and I loved the contrast in textures between the crispy shell, softer white chocolate and crunchy hazelnut. These "dragees" were very moreish and it was easy to munch through a lot in one go.

Overall I'm not sure I would buy these again but they sure are an interesting product. I noticed some other varieties at TK Maxx, including peppermint truffle and cappuccino truffle dragees, which sound interesting. I might give those a try if there's any left next time I'm there.


  1. I thought that they were cheese balls when I first saw the photo!

  2. Jeez, if I saw something that orange I definitely would taste 'orange', even if it wasn't flavoured. I wonder why they went and made them all orange...usually things with sugar shells will have a few different colours, like jordan almonds. Maybe they were just overstock of someone's wedding favors. ;) They look quite tasty though, I love hazelnut.

  3. Agreed they are addictive and yes the cream inside is rather tasteless. The capuccino ones are very similar.


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