Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Belgian Mousse Truffles

The only reason I'm reviewing these Belgian Mousse Truffles is because Sainsbury's tricked me into buying them. I found them in the Valentine's gifts section marked half price, yet after examining my receipt when I got home, found I'd been charged the full price of £3.49. Don't you just hate it when that happens?!

Annoyance aside, I was intrigued by the flavours of these mousses: Dark chocolate with Raspberry, Milk Chocolate with Lemon, Milk Chocolate with Passion Fruit and Dark chocolate with Ginger.

I've always assumed that "mousse" was just another marketing word for praline or truffle (I've certainly eaten plenty of chocolates described as "mousses" that were in fact truffles), but these chocolates surprised me because they had real mousse centres that were very light and er... mousse-y. I was a bit disappointed to be honest because they seemed so light and insubstantial; I would have preferred something more dense and buttery.

Passion Fruit Mousse (left)
Milk chocolate with passion fruit mousse: This was one of my favourites of the selection, the passion fruit mousse tasted nice and fruity and went well with the milk chocolate.

Ginger Mousse (centre)
Dark chocolate with ginger mousse: This one wasn't very nice. I usually don't mind ginger and dark chocolate, but the ginger flavoured mousse in this was quite sickly. There was a little piece of crystallized ginger on top of the chocolate, which I thought was nicer than the mousse filling.

Lemon Mousse (centre)
Milk chocolate with lemon mousse: This was my favourite from the selection. The tangy lemon flavour went well with the creamy mousse, like the kind of synergy you get with lemon cheesecake. There was a piece of candied lemon peel on top, which added a lovely fruity tang. I love candied peel combined with chocolate, so I enjoyed this a lot.

Raspberry Mousse (right)
Dark chocolate with raspberry mousse: I didn't really like this one. The raspberry mousse tasted a bit sickly and almost...floral. I can't really describe it, but I didn't like it. I would've much preferred a strawberry mousse. There were some little bits of dried raspberry sprinkled on top of the chocolate, but they didn't add much to it.

These chocolates were okay, but I wasn't overly impressed. I liked two out of the four flavours but felt the mousse centres were a bit insubstantial.
I would recommend them if you like light chocolates though. They would make a nice Valentines side-gift and I'm sure many people will enjoy them.


  1. Lovely review Kev. The chocolates look delicious - the passion fruit and the lemon sound very nice. It's a shame about the other two.

    And yes I hate it when I get overcharged in the supermarket. I've got in the habit of always checking the receipt. With one supermarket in particular (shall remain nameless for now) there is nearly always a mistake. I'm thinking of keeping the receipts and writing a warming blog post about it!

    Sorry about the rant!

    1. Haha! No worries, I love rants :-)

      That's a good habit to check the receipt, I should do the same. I thought I was safe because I don't usually have problems with Sainsbury's. Although like you, there's another certain supermarket where I almost always have problems with price reductions, it's annoyed me and my friends countless times. I wonder if it's the same one? Please do a warning post haha, it's a great idea!

  2. One particular supermarket that I often shop in had a thing where the self service checkouts wouldn't apply any discounts unless you pressed back and then it would suddenly appear! They seemed to have fixed it now but makes you wonder how many people forgot to check and missed out.
    Anyway, these chocs do look very pretty in the box, I like the sound of the passion fruit one but I don't think I could handle the ginger one...not a fan of ginger.


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