The Belgian White Chocolate Donuts

When I found these Chocolate Donuts in TK Maxx recently I had to give them a try; I've never seen donut shaped chocolates before, so was quite intrigued. They cost £2.99 for a box of 18 and are basically hazelnut praline rings coated in white chocolate, with a base of milk chocolate.

I liked how they were packaged, I felt like these were a special treat when I opened the lid and saw the gold foil wrapper.

Opening the wrapper I was met with a strong smell of hazelnut, which reminded me of Guylian Seashells. The chocolates looked very appetizing and just like miniature white donuts. Splitting one in half revealed the praline filling:

Unfortunately the taste of these let down what could have been a nice novelty product. The praline filling was a bit boring and tasteless; I felt like I was mostly eating vegetable fat. And the white chocolate was a bit non-descript, it just tasted sweet and without any real creaminess or other distinguishing features.

I'm not really sure what else to say about these as they were a bit of a disappointment really. I haven't tried any other products from "The Belgian" so I don't know what their quality standards are usually like, but Tk Maxx stock a lot of their stuff so I might give one of their milk choc bars a try sometime.

Overall, a nice idea that was ultimately a disappointment.


  1. I tried a few products from The Belgian, but I've never seen these ones before. I wasn't fond of the hazelnut praline chocolates in the mini-boxes, but I enjoyed the simple milk bar.

    1. I will have to check that one out :) Tk Maxx are also selling sugar-free The Belgian bars, but what is chocolate without sugar?

    2. My experience with sugar-free chocolates/ sweet products is very limited and not that great.

      I first tried something like that in late 2001 because my mother brought back three such bars from a fashion show - they were horrible.

      About a year ago, I tried a sugar-free white bar with rice and that actually turned out to be decent chocolate. But then I tried a milk chocolate and caramel sugar-free bar and that one was really bad...

      So as long as there are versions with sugar, I'll probably go for those first...

  2. I have tried a few bit of pieces of chocolate from Tk Maxx and I have been left disappointed every time! I always think there must be a reason they are being sold in a discount one else wants them!

    1. You could be right. So far I think the only good chocolates I've had from there were made by Gubor.


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