Corné Port-Royal White Chocolate

Whilst scouring the shelves at Tk Maxx for imported chocolates recently I came across this Corné Port-Royale White in the reduced section, for £1. At that price I could hardly refuse.

I've never heard of Corné Port-Royale before, but according to google they are a Belgian chocolatier with quite a history, and have 20 boutiques in Belgium as well as 15 in France.

Despite their impressive sounding history, this chocolate was very disappointing, and I can understand why it was reduced in price. The best way I can describe it is pointless. It does nothing. It's neither a cheap and cheerful milky white chocolate like Milkybar, nor is it a smooth vanilla flavoured chocolate like Lindt Touch of Vanilla. It just tasted sugary and sickly without any emphasis on milk, vanilla or even cocoa butter. I threw most of it in the bin, which is something I rarely do.

Overall, this is one to avoid. I haven't tried any other Corné Port-Royale chocolates before so I'll reserve judgement on their brand as a whole, and I'd certainly be willing to try some of their other chocolates, but this bar left a sour taste in my mouth, quite literally!


  1. Thanks for the warning, it sounds dreadful! I wouldn't have thought it's that hard to make a decent white chocolate. At least add some vanilla!

  2. I didn't have good luck with them either. I bought an assorted box while I was in Belgium. When I opened the box,my chocolates were completely moldy even though they were before the "best before" date. I contacted the company (multiple times), and when they finally responded, they seemed unconcerned about keeping my business and said that there was nothing they could do because they had no control of what happened to the chocolates after they left the store.


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