Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Speak

I suspect I'm getting a bit too old for sweets like these Randoms. I'm not a fan of the original ones because taste-wise they seem a bit plain, but I do like the idea of having lots of seemingly random-shaped sweets and not knowing which you'll get. These new Randoms Squidgy Speak take that concept a step further and apply it to words, giving you a bag full of seemingly random foam words to make up sentences with.

I tried hard, I really did, but just couldn't manage to come up with something interesting that's also family-friendly. It probably didn't help that I ate a large percentage of the bag as soon as I opened it, giving me less to work with.

Pathetic attempt, I know...
I'm sure many people will get a lot of fun from these, but as far as I'm concerned when I buy sweets I just want to eat them, not mess around making up sentences!

Taste-wise they were all very pleasant and fruity, with a soft foamy texture. Very easy to eat indeed. Infact I'd say they're nicer than some other brands of gummy sweets which can be too chewy and hard for my liking. The main flavours I could taste were peach and berry; I'm not sure what the white ones were.

I paid £1.35 for a 150g bag at Tesco Express, which I thought was a bit pricey but I'm sure they'll be on an introductory offer of £1 soon. They also come in smaller packs. Interestingly, according to the ingredients they contain concentrates of pepper, carrot, hibiscus and black carrot. I wonder if they count as part of your 5-a-day?

Overall, I reckon these are a good product if you enjoy this sort of thing, but personally I just want to eat the sweets and not mess around with them. Thank goodness they're not aimed at me then!

Have you tried Randoms Squidgy Speak? If so, what sentences could you come up with? 


  1. Epic review, just ate a bag! :)

  2. I was extremely distressed to learn that Rowntrees did not offer more dyslexic sensitive sweet/spelling based alternative.

    My son Tim ( He was previously called Timothy, but on discovering that he was dyslexic we decided to shorten his name to Tim to reduce the chance of him becoming embarrassed when asked to give his name)is heavily dyslexic and upon receiving the above product struggled to understand what it was he was dealing with

    they also tasted of nothing

  3. I think the previus posters coments are tottally shitty. I cant hlep it if i cunt write poprerly. Wnaker


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