Spotted in Shops Xmas Edition! - Lindor Dark Orange, Mr Kipling Winter Whirls, Thorntons White Chocolate Snowman & More!

There's a lot of new and limited edition Christmas products popping up in shops recently that I'd love to try, but there's no way I can buy them all to review so I thought I'd snap a few pics for an Xmas edition of Spotted in Shops instead! Here's what I found...

Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Orange:

I saw these Limited Edition Dark Orange Lindor in WH Smith. They cost £4.99 per box and are described as "Dark chocolate truffles with a smooth melting filling". They sound right up my street; I'll definitely be putting these on my Christmas wish-list!

Thorntons The Snowman & The Snowdog White Chocolate Snowman:

WH Smith also had this fantastic looking Thorntons White Chocolate Snowman, based on the popular animated film "The Snowman and the Snowdog". I think it looks super-cool and would love to get one of these for Christmas!

Maynards Christmas Jellies Santa:

I've seen these new Maynards Christmas Jellies appearing in lots of shops recently - they come in Elf, Santa and Snowman 100g jars. They contain different xmas jellies and sweets but don't specify exactly what type. If anyone tries these please let me know in the comments; I'm curious to know if they're any good! They look like they'd make great stocking fillers.

Mr Kipling Winter Whirls:

These new "exceedingly merry" Winter Whirls offer a different take on regular Viennese Whirls and contain buttercream and a mince pie flavour filling. Being a longtime fan of Viennese Whirls I'd love to try them! There's also a Black Forest version according to

Mr Kipling Festive Bakewells:

These aren't new, they were also out last Christmas but their festive packaging really caught my eye! They contain plum and raspberry jam with almond sponge and soft icing, decorated with holly. They sound delicious!

Kinder Schoko-Bons Milky Bites:

These Kinder Schoko-Bons aren't actually a new product, they've just been put in christmas-themed packaging, but nevertheless they look very fitting for the festive season! I'm yet to try any but they sound lovely. They're produced by Ferrero and contain a milk creme and hazelnut filling.

Thorntons The Snowman and The Snowdog Milk Chocolate Characters:

I'm not sure what these are exactly, presumably just solid milk chocolate shapes. Which may sound boring, but hey it's Thorntons so the chocolate is bound to be good quality, plus The Snowman is a lovely theme for Christmas chocolates!

Kinder Surprise Christmas Santa and Egg:

This Santa is clutching a Kinder Surprise egg, which is a bit of an odd concept for a Christmas product - seems like Kinder have got their Easter and Christmas themes mixed up a bit! Nevertheless I'm sure many kids (and big kids!) will love them. 

Kinder Fluffy Toys with Mini Chocolates - Reindeer & Penguin:

These Kinder fluffy toys look adorable and come complete with mini chocolates - what more could you ask for?!

Thorntons The Snowman & The Snowdog Christmas Selection Pack:

A Snowman and The Snowdog branded selection box from Thorntons...I'm not sure what varieties of chocolates this actually contains but I love the theme! This will surely be much better quality than the offerings from most other mainstream chocolate companies this year.

Well, that wraps up today's Spotted In Shops Xmas edition...have you spotted any of these new Christmas products? If so which ones are on your Xmas wish-list? Let me know in the comments :)


  1. I seriously need to find those Lindor!

  2. Hopefully they don't expire before Christmas XD

  3. I really want the kinder Santa and the chocolate orange. One for the toy and one for the chocolate :P


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