Peanut Hottie: Peanut Butter flavour hot drink review!

Many thanks to the makers of Peanut Hottie for sending me this jar of their new peanut butter-flavour hot drink to review!

Peanut Hottie is aiming to "make a storm in the nation's tea cups" with this drink, which is available exclusively from Sainsbury's. Apparently it's the first peanut butter hot drink on the market, which is surprising to me as I would've thought someone would have tried making one before now! Even more surprising is that it's made in the UK by a British company (not many of those left these days!) using American peanuts.

Peanut Hottie is also caffeine-free, suitable for vegetarians, contains no artificial additives or colours, and is under 100 calories per cup. Impressive stuff!

I made a cup as directed but added a little milk to make it creamier. This produced a brown, nutty-coloured drink with a slight froth on top as you can see in the pic above.

It tasted slightly salty and intensely nutty, but also surprisingly "light" and creamy. It's quite hard to describe the flavour, actually, because it was a differing mixture of savoury, salty, nutty, sweet and creamy. All the flavours worked really well together, in the same kind of way that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups do. It certainly captures the taste of peanut butter in hot drink form very well, although I was hoping it would be just a bit more intense. Perhaps adding a dollop of real peanut butter might add an extra kick...I shall have to experiment! (in the name of science, of course!)

Overall, this is a tasty and unique hot drink which I really enjoyed. It's the first of its kind that I'm aware of and I really hope it takes off! I'll certainly be buying this from now on as an alternative to regular hot chocolate.

Price: £2.99 a jar at Sainsburys.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk and nuts.
Nutrition (per 20g serving): 83 Calories, 16.9g Carbs, 12.2g Sugars, 1.4g Fat, 1.2g Saturates.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

*I was kindly sent this product for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Oooooo, Peanut butter hot drink - I adore peanut butter, I will have to get some of this Kev, thanks for the heads up :)

    (Dear Thirty)

  2. Bought a pot of this the other day I couldn't wait to try it. Gotta agree it's epic. Great review

  3. Wow, very interested - thanks for the tip off! I'll be checking my local Sainsbury's ASAP.

  4. I NEED to stop off at Sainsbury's! :D

  5. I purchased this for Mr Review Addict after reading your review and he LOVED it. Cheers Kev!

  6. It's amazing!!!

  7. Wow,just bought Peanut hottie drink for the 1st time,absolutely gorgeous,love it,shall be buying it all the time.5 stars.

  8. I have just had it sprinkled over chopped banana and fat free Greek yoghurt.....yumeeeee

  9. I bought the peanut butter and chocolate 'peanut hottie'. I was most dissapointed with the product. It tasted aweful with water so I made another cup just with milk. Tasted a bit better but will not purchase it again.


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