Flame Chocolate Wafer Bar & Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar!

A big thankyou to Bring Back Banjo Chocolate for kindly sending me this cool-looking wafer bar as part of a snacks package recently!

Please take a moment to sign the petition to bring back the Banjo Wafer that was made by Mars Foods in the 80's. If you remember Banjo bars please do leave a comment! If not (shame on you!) see HERE for an introduction. Basically they were wafer bars similar to Kitkat that contained a hazelnut cream filling and were coated with chopped peanuts. There was also a coconut version, which sounds right up my street! I think there's definitely room in the UK snacks market for a return of such a unique retro chocolate bar...are you listening, Mars?!

Moving on...this Flame wafer has a really cool-looking triangular shape and is filled with chocolate cream. It reminded me of Kitkat Chunky, although it's much thicker in size. The texture is different from a Kitkat Chunky though; it's lighter and puffier, kind of like the wafer you get in Nestle Blue Riband wafers. It was light and tasty and made for a nice snack with a cup of tea. Overall, I think these are a good bargain - I believe they're currently available at Poundland in multipacks of 5, which is great value for such a unique looking wafer bar!

A big thankyou to Bring Back Banjo Bar for sending me this as well as some other goodies....do stay tuned to find out what they are!

Please take a moment to sign the Bring Back Banjo Bar Petition HERE :)

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  1. We prefer Bubbles to Banjo.

  2. Wow, these sound very interesting! Quite a unique bar shape, I rather like it
    Great review :)

  3. Hi Kev,

    My name is Cihad, and I am working at the company that produces this item. I am so glad that it caught your (or whoever sent this to you) attention at Poundland, and by the way, you may find it in many other locations as well.. Why don't you leave me an e-mail at cihad.acar@birlesikfoods.com and maybe there will be other delights which may attract you : )


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