Kraft Marabou M's: Crunchy Chocolate Peanuts (like M&Ms!)

Whilst in a discount store recently I spotted these "M's", described as "Milk chocolate coated peanuts". They're made by Marabou, a Kraft-owned Swedish brand that are apparently quite popular in their native country. Infact there's been a legal case between Mars and Kraft/Mondelez over the trademark for these due to their obvious similarity to Mars Foods M&M's. See here:

Admittedly, when I saw them I immediately thought "Oh, a knockoff version of M&M's!" I wouldn't usually buy such a product, but they were very cheap and are made by Marabou (whose Salty Licorice Bar I've reviewed previously), plus I was curious to see how they'd compare to M&M's.

The main big difference is that they don't have coloured shells like M&M's, just a boring shade of dark brown:

They were very pale and scuffed looking, which didn't fill me with confidence over how they would taste! Luckily they were ok...the shells were very crunchy and the milk chocolate had a decent milky cocoa flavour. The peanuts themselves were crunchy and roasted, although they didn't taste all that fresh - perhaps this was due to being imported.

Overall, these Marabou M's were a decent snack and a great bargain for £1 since the bag is massive (XXL size), but they're not something I would buy over M&M's that's for sure. M&M's are just so much more exciting and better quality!

If you've tried these Marabou M's please do get in touch via the comments - I'm very curious to know what others think of them!

Price: £1 in discount store.
Made in: Norway.

RATING: 6 out of 10. 

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