Halloween Candy Blood Bag (Poundworld) Review

Whilst browsing the Halloween stuff in Poundworld recently I came across this rather gruesome product...a strawberry liquid candy-filled blood bag! I was a little surprised to be honest as it seems a bit of an "extreme" product for kids, but hey maybe I'm just out of touch!

The bag comes filled with a "sour strawberry flavoured gel candy", which tasted rather cheap and artificial. You can suck it from the straw part of the bag so as to pretend you're glugging on blood like a vampire; which is either really cool or gruesome depending on the person...personally I think the concept is a bit gross!

Overall, I suppose this is a good novelty Halloween product for those who like this sort of thing, but I think I'll stick to biting the heads off of gummy spiders instead!

Price: £1.


  1. I saw a similar product in America and it was a good deal more expensive than this so £1 is a bit of a bargain. I think it's awesome, like you said it's a bit extreme but it's also pretty funny!


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