Lucozade Strawberry (New Flavour!) Review

After finding the new limited edition Lucozade Melonade rather disappointing I was hesitant to try this Strawberry version when I saw it in a newsagents recently. I thought I'd give it a go though in the hope I would like it more, and luckily I did!

It had a pleasant fruity strawberry flavour that wasn't too sweet and was rather refreshing. It quite surprised me actually; it's far nicer than the Melonade variety and the flavour actually works. That said, I still think Lucozade should just have one flavour - the original. To me Lucozade is Lucozade and that's the way it should stay - adding flavours makes it a completely different drink!

Overall though despite my moaning, I do think this is a pleasant Lucozade flavour and fans of fruity Lucozade varieties should definitely check it out!

Price: 95p

RATING: 7 out of 10.


  1. Hmmm, I am not keen on the Original of Lucozade if I'm honest.....If I do ever buy one, its always the Orange. I will keep an eye out for the strawberry one though :)

    (Dear Thirty)

  2. I always go for Orange Lucozade, the original isn't too great. I've gotta find this Strawberry one somewhere!

    Have you tried the Pink Lemonade flavour? Probably my favourite drink of any kind - absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I haven't, but I shall give it a try in the name of snacks research :)


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