Milka Noisette Alpine Milk Chocolate Review

When I saw this Noisette bar in Tesco recently, I thought it was a new flavour of Milka at first. I've never seen it in any other supermarkets or shops before...but there was no "new" label on it so I presume it's a flavour that already exists in Europe but has been imported into the UK.

I paid £1.40 for it in Tesco, but I've also seen it in Discount UK for a mere 79p over the last few days - bargain!

The bar is a simple combination of rich alpine milk chocolate with a smooth hazelnut filling. Opening the wrapper I was blown away by just how intensely nutty it smelled!

I snapped the bar in half and bit into a piece. It had a delicious full-on hazelnut flavour that was very rich. It melted in my mouth like butter - it was so smooth! It reminded me of the hazelnut cream in Ferrero Rocher, although it was a lot richer.

Overall, this is a fantastic Milka variety which I would highly recommend if you like hazelnuts, Nutella or Ferrero Rocher! Also If you have a Discount UK near you I'd recommend snapping some of these up for 79p while you still can! (they also do the discontinued Milka with D'aim, Milka Caramel Cream, Milka Hazelnuts & Milka Happy Cows).

Price: £1.40 at Tesco, 79p at Discount UK.
Allergy Information: Contains nuts, milk, soya. May contain wheat.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Doesn't state.
Cocoa Solids: 30% cocoa.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. I was SOOOOO excited to see Tesco were going to be selling this bar. Mr Review Addict and I got addicted to it in Spain a few years back but have never been able to get hold of it since. I haven't seen it here yet but hopefully it's on it's way! Best Milka ever!

    1. I agree...definitely one of the best Milkas around :) Hope you get them near you soon!

    2. Phwoar!!!

      Looks yummy. And the more different Milka bars that come out here the better. Will be keeping a keen look out for this one.

      Thanks for another great review.

  2. My favourite Milka apart from the original milk chocolate one. Very smooth and creamy. You're right, it is not a new flavour but one that can be found in many Continental countries's supermarkets for many years.
    Not sure why it never has been imported to the UK much, I much prefer it to Milka Cream that some shops (used to) stock here and whilst Daim is pretty nice for what it is, it sort of misses the point of Milka chocolate, the smoothly melting in one's mouth.


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