Whittaker's Original Peanut Slab Milk Chocolate Bar Review

Whilst in an import candy store recently I noticed they were selling Australian sweets, which excited me greatly! There were lots of interesting things on sale but this Whittaker's Peanut Slab (which is actually from New Zealand) caught my eye, since I remember reading about Whittaker's chocolates on Jim's Chocoate Mission years ago. They're a company I've always had on my list of chocolates to try. 

The bar was a small 50g block with the Whittaker logo imprinted on it. Simple and no fuss...I like it! It reminded me of a bar of gold boullion thanks to the gold wrapper.

Splitting the block in half (which was rather difficult - it's so chunky!) revealed plenty of whole roasted peanuts embedded in the chocolate. I couldn't wait to take a bite!

The chocolate tasted rich and milky, with a good smooth melt. It tasted slightly different to what I'm used to from UK milk chocolate, presumably because it's imported or because the chocolate has a different melting point in New Zealand? I'm not sure, but it was different - not bad, just different. The peanuts were the star of the show...they were fantastically crunchy and moreish, and went perfectly with the sweet chocolate. It's a simple combination but one that works beautifully. 

Overall, my first introduction to Whittkar's Chocolate was a very positive one, and I'd like to see their bars more widely available in the UK. They do quite an extensive and interesting range, including a bar containing peanut butter. If I ever spot that one in import stores I'll be sure to give it a review!

For more info on Whittaker's check out their website: http://www.whittakersworldwide.com/

RATING: 8 out of 10.


  1. the last peanut slab went into the rubbish pin unopened,
    the reason: it was impossible to open the small package without loosing one of my teeth or without doing some damage to my teeth. I will never buy that product again!


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