Tesco No Added Sugar Stevia Milk Chocolate Review

Coca Cola recently launched a low-sugar cola sweetened with the plant extract stevia (see review HERE), and now Tesco have caught onto the stevia trend and boldly launched this "No Added Sugar" milk chocolate. It contains stevia, erythritol and inulin, and is described as "Milk chocolate with dietary fibre and sweeteners". There's also a dark chocolate variety.

I have to applaud Tesco for launching this bar because as a large supermarket they hold a lot of clout, and anything that helps to reduce the nations sugar consumption has to be a good thing! I found the bar amongst all the regular chocolate bars in Tesco for £2.

I ate the chocolate whilst out and about...hence the outdoors pic above and only managed to save a few chunks until I got home...hence the photos below!

Opening  the wrapper, the chocolate had a very nice aroma; a comforting, milky smell; just like regular milk chocolate really. The blocks are shaped differently to regular Tesco chocolate bars...perhaps so they don't get mixed up on the production line?

Taking a bite, it tasted like regular milk chocolate - milky, creamy and melt in the mouth. There was a strong taste of whey powder, which reminded me of other Tesco own-brand chocolates. Some may dislike this taste but personally I found it rather comforting. Then...the stevia hit me. It's not a full-on rush to the brain like refined sugar, but a subtle, almost cooling sensation. It's very different and actually rather pleasant, allowing the cocoa and milk flavours to shine without overpowering them. Most of the flavour comes from the milk anyway and the stevia is more of an aftertaste.

Overall, I have to say I'm surprised that I rather enjoyed this bar! It tasted more subtle than regular chocolate containing sugar and was actually rather tasty. It makes a respectable alternative to regular milk chocolate if you're watching sugar intake, plus it contains more fibre and protein.

If you're trying to reduce sugar but still want a sweet treat, I would recommend giving this bar a try!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Price: £2 at Tesco.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk & soya. May contain nuts.
Nutrition (per 20g quarter of bar): 118 Calories, 8.3g Fat, 8.9g Carbs, 4.1g Sugars, 1.7g Protein.


  1. Interesting. Probably would always have a real bar of chocolate but it's good to see lower sugar offerings

  2. Searching the net for a low sugar chocolate brought me to your review, I like your chatty friendly approach and you have given a good account of the chocolate as you found it..... I'm off to buy some now. Looked at your review of Toblerone coconut, it's a new one to me, sounds great not sugar free, special treat time if I ever see one.


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