Haribo Tangfastics Chamallows Review

Whilst in Asda recently I spotted these new Tangfastics flavoured Chamallows. I love regular Haribo Chamallows, but was intrigued by how they would taste with a sour coating...

Turns out they were extremely moreish...I couldn't get enough of them! The sour coating is the same one used in Haribo Tangfastics jellies, and made them even more addictive than regular marshmallows. I will admit, I ate a few too many at once!

Overall, these Tangfastics Chamallows are extremely moreish and I'd highly recommend giving them a try if you like the softness of marshmallows and the sour tang of Tangfastics. They're a great match!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

Price: £1 at Asda.
Suitable for vegetarians?: No.
Allergy Information: Contains maize.


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