New Snacks Monsterpost: Halloween, Drumstick Lolly Cake, Cadbury Sticky Puds, Philadelphia Duo Cremoso...

Some new products I've seen whilst out and about recently...enjoy!

Swizzel's Matlow Drumstick Cake: Everyone of a certain age will remember Drumstick Lollies from childhood...and now you can get them in cake form! This cake contains a Drumstick flavoured topping and filling, and is of course shaped and iced like a Drumstick lolly. Spotted at Asda.

Asda's Triple Chocolate Giant Doughnut Cake: I don't think this made from real doughnut, but it looks like a pretty cool cake!

There's also a Toffee Fudge variety!

Mars Cake Bars: If it weren't for the recent news articles raving about these I would've never guessed they were new...I thought Mars had always done cake bars?! Spotted at Asda.

Asda Jazzie Mini Cake Bites: Continuing with the retro sweets theme Asda are doing these new "Jazzie" cake bites. If you don't know what Jazzie's are, they're basically a British retro sweet made up of vegetable fat with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top. They come in both white and brown varieties and are meant to taste like chocolate.

Brompton House Muesli Tart: I'll refrain from any Great British Bake Off style innuendos here (although here's a list of the 28 best ones), but needless to say this "delicious and moist" "premium" muesli tart sounds very lovely! Spotted at Asda.

Cadbury Sticky Puds Milk Chocolate: Cadbury's have launched a lot of new products recently and the latest to join their portfolio is "Sticky Puds", which are "indulgent chocolate sponge puddings smothered with a Cadbury milk chocolate sauce". Spotted at Asda.

Cadbury Fudge Sticky Puds: There's also a Fudge variety, described as "indulgent chocolate fudge sponge puddings smothered with a sticky fudge sauce". Spotted at Asda.

Toffee Crisp Choccy Road Biscuits: It's not often we get new Toffee Crisp varieties from Nestlé, but recently they've laucnhed not only a Toffee Crisp Sharing Block & Toffee Crisp Cereal, but these "Choccy Road" biscuits too. They're basically Rocky Road meets Toffee Crisp and contain marshmallow, chocolate, biscuit and toffee. Spotted at Asda.

Toffee Crisp Bitesize: Asda had a huge display of these Toffee Crisp Bitesize for a pound, as well as Toffee Crisp Multipacks, Toffee Crisp Biscuits and Peanut Lion Multipacks. Seems like Nestlé are taking over supermarkets with the colour orange!

Nestlé Munchies Ice Cream Bars: Nestlé have also revamped their ice cream range and made Munchies ice cream bars a more premium product. Spotted at Asda.

Nestlé Lion Ice Cream Bars: They've also added Lion Ice Cream Bars to the range - these used to be in the £1 discount range. Spotted at Asda.

Asda Mojito Roulade: It seems a bit late for a Mojito flavour iced dessert...maybe Asda should have launched this at the start of Summer!

Hartley's Monster Jelly: Rebranding jelly to fit with Halloween is a canny move from Hartley's since it goes perfectly with "Ice Scream". Spotted at Asda.

Also available in Fangtastic Strawberry...

Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime Slices: All the usual Halloween cake slices are out in stores (Fiendish Fancies etc) but the only new ones to join them this year appear to be these green Chocolate & Slime slices. Spotted at Tesco. 

The Collective Spiced Pumpkin Yoghurt: Usually there's very few exciting new products for Halloween, but The Collective Dairy are attempting to change that with their unique limited edition "Spiced Pumpkin live gourmet yoghurt". I must admit the "live" part does scare me a bit! Spotted at Sainsbury's.

Maynards Spooky Treats & Sour Tricks: These jellies used to be made by "The Natural Confectionery Company", but Mondelez have wisely rebranded them as Maynards since it's more well-known in the UK. Spotted at local department store. 

The Chocolate Smiths Bewitching Bizarre Chocolate: Hand-made in Northumberland, this limited edition Halloween bar from The Chocolate Smiths consists of belgian milk chocolate with delicately spiced pumpkin. Spotted at local department store. 

The Chocolate Smiths Boo'Nanza Bizarre with Sour Apple: Even more exciting, this bar contains white chocolate with a gooey sour apple centre, and shards of sweet toasted caramel. Now that's a unique combination! "Toffee apple, but edgier", as it says. Spotted at local department store. 

Bahlsen Pick Up! Black 'N White: Regular Bahlsen Pick Up! biscuits are awesome, but this version containing chocolate flavour biscuits and white chocolate filling sounds even more so! Spotted at Sainsbury's.

Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Coated Caramel Wafer Biscuits: Tunnock's are now doing a dark chocolate version of their legendary Caramel Wafers. Personally I think white chocolate would've been more exciting! Spotted at Sainsbury's. 

Snog Frozen Yogurt: Fancy a snog? Then head over to Snog's website! These new frozen yogurts are made from organic fat-free yogurt and sweetened with Agave nectar. Spotted at Sainsbury's.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Doughnuts: Chocolate Orange seems to be taking over this year, it's now available in Minis, Segsations, Ice Cream, Pots of Joy...and now Doughnuts too! I wonder what's next, milkshake perhaps? Spotted at Tesco. 

Philadelhpia Sensations Duo Cremoso Vine Ripened Tomato: These new Philadelphia Sensations Duo Cremoso are described as being "a breakthrough innovation" and contain a dual texture of creamy Philadelphia cream cheese with a whipped core. Spotted at Sainsbury's

Also available in Cracked Peppercorn...

Plus Garlic & Fine herbs. 

GU Hot Chocolate - Salted Caramel & Chocolate: GU are branching out from puds to do these "thick, rich and velvety" luxury hot chocolates, and unlike regular hot chocolate they're refrigerated. I like the sound of the salted caramel version! Spotted at Waitrose. 

Not content with a new hot chocolate range, there's also these new Hot White Chocolate Melting Middles from GU, which contain coconut and white chocolate. Yum! Spotted at Sainsbury's.

Plus they're doing these new Maple and Pecan Pies! Spotted at Sainsbury's.

Lindt have launched a new bar in their "Creation" range - Chocolate Cake. It contains a fine dark chocolate truffle and a "melting heart"...which is presumably some kind of ganache? Spotted at Waitrose.

I also saw this Lindt Creation Citron Frappe at Waitrose, which looks like it's imported.

Likewise, this Lindt Excellence Noir with cacao nibs.

Ambrosia Devon Custard Puds: This new twinpot range from Ambrosia consists of a side of custard and a side of pudding that can be microwaved. This one contains crumble clusters and summer fruit compote. Spotted at Asda.

Also available in Sticky Toffee Crunch...I want to try this one!

Plus the classic Apple Crumble.

Nestlé Carnation Chocolate Filling: Nestlé are doing a new "chocolate filling and topping" in their Carnation range. I have no idea what this consists of but presumably it's similar to their caramel filling made with condensed milk. Spotted at Asda.

McVitie's Strawberry Fruit Rolls: McVitie's have made the legendary Fig Rolls (which were apparently invented in ancient Egypt!) for years, but now they're trying to appeal to a younger audience with this strawberry variety. Spotted at Asda.

Also available in apple.

Fruit Shoot Squeezy Less Sugar Jam: Fruit Shoot are now doing their own range of jams, in Orange (shouldnt that be marmalade?!), Apple & Blackcurrant and Strawberry & Summer Fruits flavours. They contain 30% less sugar than regular jams. Spotted at Tesco.

Tesco Custard & Bourbon Cream Spreads: Grocery Gems has already covered these but I just had to mention them! All I'll say is: custard and bourbon creams are awesome, so I'm sure they're even nicer in spreadable form. I can't wait to try them!

There's also a Cookies and Cream flavour!

OO Drinks Strawberry & Rhubarb: This natural flavoured soda contains "oogaave" syrup and comes in various flavours. Spotted at local department store.

Teapigs Matcha Green Tea Drinks: These new drinks from Teapigs contain natural flavanols and come in flavours such as Elderflower and Grapefruit. Hopefully they don't taste like dirt, as most green tea seems to! Spotted at local department store. 

And lastly, I had to include these the name made me chuckle in the shop...Sweetie Monkey iFoams! Foam...Phone...get it? Maybe I'm just sad haha! Spotted at Tk Maxx.

I hope you've all enjoyed this new products Monsterpost! If you spot any new snacks please don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter or Email!


  1. Fudge sticky puds? Im sold.

  2. Oh my so many awesome things I need to try! Those GU white choc & coconut puds must be mine!!

    The Bizarre Chocolate with pumpkin spice and the Collective Dairy pumpkin yogurt look great too!

  3. Great post! I particularly like the look of the Gu and Ambrosia items.

    The Terry's doughnuts have been out for a while - I bought them near the start of the year but not for me so I've not tried them myself! Apparently they're nice though.

  4. Too many nice things to try but if I had to choose just one... I think the GU maple and pecan cheesecakes might just have the edge!


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