Ritter Sport Crema Catalana & Kakaosplitter (via @Monster_Sweets)

A big thankyou to Monster Sweets who once again kindly sent me a few bars to try from their European import range. I've been itching to try these new "Frühlings Spezialtät" (Spring Speciality) Ritter Sport bars ever since I heard about them, and they're not very easy to find, so kudos to Monster Sweets for importing them!

You can check out Monster Sweets' range of Ritter Sport flavours which includes "Cookies & Cream", "Kakaosplitter" and "à la Crema Catalana", as well as the Milka with TUC & LU that I reviewed previously, here:


Crema Catalana:

This Ritter Sport bar is quite simply an amazing bar of chocolate. I had high expectations to start with but it far exceeded them; it was very, very delicious! It's one of those bars you just have to try, especially if you like Ritter Sport.

I must admit I initially didn't know what Crema Catalana is, but according to wikipedia it is a dessert very similar to Crème Brûlée, and is traditionally served on St Joseph's Day (March the 19th).

Opening the wrapper I was met with a delicious creamy butterscotch smell. It was hard photographing the bar because I just wanted to dig in and eat it straight away! As you can see the cream filling is a light golden colour;

The taste was amazing! Really creamy, luxurious and rich. The Catalana cream filling had a heavy butterscotch/caramel flavour, but wasn't too sweet or overpowering; just really creamy and the flavour was balanced beautifully with the alpine milk chocolate. It was very moreish, but I managed to control myself and enjoyed eating it slowly. I savoured every piece, something I don't often do with chocolate.

Overall, this is a very special bar from Ritter and one I will definitely buy again. I hope it remains a permanent edition, because it sure deserves to be!


This was also a very tasty bar. It's a milk chocolate bar with a cocoa cream filling, crunchy cacao nibs and hazelnut-almond pieces. The cream filling was very rich and chocolatey, with the cacao nibs making it crunchy and moreish. I enjoyed that it was very chocolate-focused without being boring or having anything distract from the chocolate flavour. The hazelnut-almond pieces simply added a nice crunch along with the cacao nibs. Like the Catalana bar, I savoured every piece. It wasn't as amazing as the Crema Catalana (which is testament to just how nice that one was, really), but it was a damn fine bar in its own right.

Overall, the Kakaosplitter is a delicious bar with a good combination of rich chocolatey flavours, smooth filling and crunchy cacao pieces, and a nice addition to the new Ritter Sport Spring range.


It's such a shame that Ritter Sport bars aren't more widely available in the UK - something I am always ranting about, as my Twitter followers will know! - because they produce excellent quality chocolate that outshines a lot of stuff on UK shelves. They consistently bring out new, interesting flavours that are almost always a pleasure to eat. These two new varieties are great examples of that, and the Crema Catalana in particular is a real gem of a bar. 

Once again, many thanks to Monster Sweets for sending me these bars and providing such a varied range of imported snacks and sweets. 
You can buy the new Ritter Sport Spring varities including the Cookies & Cream flavour, as well as many others, here:

*These bars were sent to me for an honest review and all views herein are my own. 


  1. That Crema Catalana sounds so amazing, and the other one isn't half bad either. I'll definitely have to order these two. :)

  2. Thanks for the great review Kev. Hopefully Ritter Sport will keep these on, fingers crossed. I hope everybody who has bought these enjoys them as much as us. Ive added 2 more to the range today, Ritter Sport praline and Ritter Sport Olympia. :)

  3. Wanted to try the Kakaosplitter but I think it is sold out


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