Cadbury Fabulous Honeycomb Fingers

Whilst in Asda recently I picked up these Cadbury Honeycomb Fabulous Fingers as a quick snack to go with a cuppa. Incase you haven't seen them already, they also come in a Praline variety, as well as the regular Fabulous Fingers variety. They're on special offer in most supermarkets at the moment.

Like the original Fabulous Fingers, these are coated in a layer of white chocolate as well as milk chocolate, which is supposed to be what makes them "fabulous". I think it makes them a bit... "cheap", to be quite honest, as it's an excuse to add extra sugar. The difference with these compared to the regular Fabulous Fingers is the honeycomb flavour biscuit, which is a tasty change from the original shortcake Fingers, but lacked that "shortcake charm" of the originals, if you know what I mean. They're still very addictive though, and most people will enjoy them. They make a nice change-up from regular Cadbury Fingers, and the differences in taste between the milk and white chocolate coatings are very pleasant, if a bit sweet.

I'm curious if the Praline variety is any good, so if anyone has tried those please do leave a comment!

Price: 99p at Asda
Nutritional facts: Contains gluten, milk & soya.


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