Milka Cherry Cream

When I saw this Milka Cherry Cream in my local Polish store I was a bit hesitant to buy it. My first review for this blog was for the Milka Raspberry Cream, and it was rather disappointing. So I wasn't jumping for joy when I found this. However I grudgingly bought it in the hope it might be an improvement on the Milka Raspberry Cream. And luckily it was, but only just.

Opening the wrapper I was met with a strong artificial cherry smell. No surprise there then! Cutting into the bar revealed an impressive amount of cherry jam filling sat above the white cream. It looked almost like it does on the wrapper, which is quite rare in chocolate bars!:

The smell of artificial cherry was quite overpowering. Biting into a piece of the chocolate, it tasted as I expected - extremely sweet and artificial. wasn't too bad. I kind of enjoyed the cherry flavour, even though the artificial sweetness became too much after a few blocks. 

There is no English on the pack, so I can't comment on the ingredients. 

Overall, this is an improvement on the Milka Raspberry Cream, and I enjoyed it for a "cheap chocolate". But I can't really recommend it, it's a bit too sweet and there's much better chocolate out there. 

Price: I can't actually remember, sorry! But I found it in my local Polish store. 


  1. Too bad it isn't that great, because it looks awesome! I used to eat so many of those cherry cordial chocolates that you (well, in the USA, at least) always get at Christmas. Cherry and chocolate is underrated!

    1. Oh I agree! I love cherry and chocolate combos but you rarely see them. Funnily enough I was just looking on amazon and they're selling cherry cordial flavour M&M's from the US:

      A bit pricey but I would love to try them!


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