Lindt Excellence Strawberry Intense Dark

Whilst browsing Sainsbury's recently I was pleasantly surprised to come across this bar of Lindt Excellence Strawberry Intense Dark, alongside Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark. I've wanted to try both flavours ever since I heard about them and assumed they would never be widely available. Luckily both Sainsbury's and Tesco now stock them, hurrah! I'm a big fan of the Strawberry Intense White (see The Snack Review's post on it here), so I had high hopes for this. 

It's described on the pack as "Fine Dark Chocolate with strawberry pieces", and cost £1.99, which is a bit pricier than Lindt bars usually are at Sainsbury's.

Taste-wise it exceeded my expectations; I thought it was very, very tasty. The strawberry pieces were zingy and fruity, whilst the dark chocolate was sweet and rich. There's nothing not to like about it. Infact I think I enjoyed it more than the Strawberry Intense White, although they are two very different taste experiences - the white chocolate version is all about the creaminess whereas this is all about the richness of the dark chocolate. I know many people will prefer a higher percentage of cocoa solids, but I enjoyed this 47% version. I would say it's a "friendly" tasting dark chocolate. I would rate this bar as highly as the Lindt Coconut Intense, which is one of my favourite Lindt bars.

Overall, a lovely bar from Lindt and one I would consider a "special treat", ie. something you wouldn't have every week but on a more occasional basis. I hope it sells well and doesn't get discontinued as so many products like this seem to. In my opinion Lindt produce one of the best widely available ranges of quality chocolate bars in the UK, and I commend them for giving new flavours like this a chance.

Price: £1.99 at Sainsbury's/ £1.83 at Tesco.
Nutritional facts: Contains 1% freeze-dried strawberry, as well as milk fat.


  1. Oh, I'd love to try it!

    I really liked the white version, Lindt got everything right with that one. I also like the dark Excellence bars in general - I don't remember ever being disappointed in one.

    1. Let me know if you do try it :) The Blueberry Intense is also very nice, but not quite as good as this in my opinion. I've heard there's also a Passionfruit Intense, but I don't think they're available here.

    2. Finally spotted it a few days ago and tried it today. Loved it! It really has a very nice intense strawberry component. Out of all the similar fruity Excellence bars from Lindt, this has to be my favourite! Definitely better than the blueberry one.

  2. Lindt can't be bothered to make it vegetarian or state that it's vegetarian, on the wrapper or on their website, that's why I'm out!
    I'd like to try Devine's (vegetarian) Strawberry White Chocolate bar (From some Tesco stores or Devine's website).

    1. Sorry to hear that, it must be extremely frustrating. Companies like Lindt are usually good at that sort of thing so I'm surprised they havent been more upfront about it.

      Thanks for the heads up about that Divine bar, I'll put it on my reviews list :)

  3. I thought this was disgusting.

    The taste if far too strong, tastes like you are eating a potent essential oil, just too strong. Almost tastes alcoholic.

    And the chocolate ? Well, since I don't like dark chocolate above 40%, I didn't like it either. Maybe if they made this with a milk chocolate and added the strawberry pieces, it could be tolerable.


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