Marks & Spencer Coffee Lovers Egg (Post-Easter review!)

This Easter I decided to go for something a little "posher" than what I'm used to for my Easter treat, and since this "Coffee Lovers Egg" was mentioned in The Metro I decided to give it a whirl. M&S are usually known for quality, and I love coffee so this sounded like a real winner!

The egg is embedded with coffee beans dusted with with an edible gold coating, which really makes it stand out:

How glorious does that look?!

It also comes with coffee-flavoured milk chocolate hazelnuts, as shown above. They were very moreish, although I did think the cocoa powder dusting gave them a bitter aftertaste.

The egg looked so nice I was reluctant to break it. Eventually the lure of coffee flavoured chocolate got the better of me so I did what I had to do, breaking the top off first. The chocolate shell was very thick and contained caramelized hazelnut pieces. It was rich and flavoursome, with a strong coffee flavour that balanced out the sweetness of the milk chocolate. The hazelnut pieces made it very moreish.

My only disappointment was the gold coloured coffee beans. As nice as they had looked, they tasted harsh and gritty. I should have expected that I suppose!

Overall, minor grumbles aside this was a very impressive and good quality Easter egg. I might not go for this one next year though - I'm hoping M&S will do something fruit or coconut based!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

What Easter egg did you get this year? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I stuck to the usual Cadbury/Mars/Nestle eggs this year. I got my hands on a Terry's Chocolate Orange egg this year which was so delicious but unfortunately, it was so small and thin, it was gone in seconds!

  2. Just also wanted to let you know that I am loving your recent M&S chocolate reviews because I've noticed that M&S are focusing on their chocolate range at the moment and they've been launching quite alot of new products recently. I think you should write more M&S reviews because not many other food review bloggers do :)

    1. Thanks Will, I do have a few more M&S reviews due soon :) They do some cool stuff dont they? That Terry's egg sounds nice!


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