Green & Blacks THIN Milk Chocolate 37% Cocoa

Green & Blacks recently launched a range of "THIN" chocolate bars, amongst them flavours such as Salted Caramel (which I reviewed previously), Dark, Mint and this 37% Milk. The range is currently on offer for £1.50 at most Tesco Express stores.

This Milk variety contains 37% cocoa solids, which is a little higher than the  average milk chocolate. As with all G&B chocolates all the ingredients are organic and they use raw cane sugar, giving a more "rustic" flavour. The squares are fairly large, and I found two to be a nice amount for a cocoa fix.

The chocolate was very flavoursome, much richer than regular G&B milk chocolate and Lindt's Creamy Milk chocolate. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, I was expecting it to be very milky but instead the milk took a back seat and the cocoa flavours were more prominent. As a fan of rich milk chocolates from the likes of Hotel Chocolat I was really pleased by this! I found a few squares very satisfying, but that's not to say I couldn't have easily eaten the whole bar!

Overall, I think the range of THIN chocolates from G&B are excellent, I haven't tasted a bad one so far and I hope they stick around. I'm still excited to try the Mint variety which contains crunchy mint chips - it's a little hard to find though!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

Contains milk & soya. May contain Nuts. Suitable for vegetarians.


  1. Is it a different blend of chocolate they are using then compared to their regular range? I thought it was the same albeit in a thinner format?

    1. It tastes different to me, definitely not the same as the regular G&B milk chocolate. I'm not sure of the cocoa % in their regular bars though.

    2. Their standard milk chocolate is 37% , which is pretty deep and robust like you described. They have a creamy milk chocolate too which is lower in % which tastes quite a bit different.

    3. Ahh I must be thinking of the Creamy one! I didn't realize they had two.

  2. You can find the mint one in Waitrose stores.

    1. Thanks, I did see it in a larger store once but stupidly didn't buy it! My local small Waitrose stores don't stock it.


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