Ikea's Godis Chokladägg: Butterscotch Filled Mini Eggs Review

Whilst in Ikea recently I was determined to sample a Swedish snack of some sort. Since they no longer sell Marabou chocolates, all that was left were Mini Daim bars or these bags of "Godis Chokladägg" mini eggs, which contain a smooth butterscotch filling with caramel pieces. I also really liked the chicken design on the bag...it's simple and basic, but it works. Let's call her the "Ikea Hen"!

I've run "Godis Chokladägg" through google translate and all it came up with was "candy chokadagg". Presumably it means candy eggs...if any of my Swedish readers can translate better please do leave a comment!

The eggs cost £1.99 for 200g which I thought was pretty good value. All are foil-wrapped in various colours.

Unwrapping one, it had a pleasant chocolate aroma with hint of butterscotch. The chocolate tasted sweet and very basic, almost like Tesco Value chocolate. The butterscotch filling was also very sweet and tasted a tad artificial. I munched through a few becoming bored with the monotonous flavour. The crunchy caramel pieces give a nice texture, but ultimately the eggs just tasted cheap and boring. I think the Ikea Hen needs to be put on a better diet!

Overall, these are pretty boring mini eggs, but if you're on a budget I suppose they're good value.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10. 

Price: £1.99 at Ikea. 

Contains milk, may contain eggs, nuts & gluten. 


  1. It just means candy chocolate eggs :)

    1. Butterscotch filling sounded strange... Usually these chocolate eggs are filled with nougat here in Sweden.

    2. Nougat sounds nicer! I do wish Ikea would sell more of the nicer Swedish snacks. They used to do Marabou bars but now they do their own cheaper bars.

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