Nestlé Toto Eggs

Whilst browsing Poundland recently I came across these Toto novelty chocolate eggs. They're like a Nestlé version of Kinder Surprise, so I was curious how they would compare to the real thing. For £1 you get 3 milk chocolate eggs with toys inside that have to be assembled.

I must admit, I haven't bothered to assemble them yet because they were too fiddly and annoying!

Unlike Kinder Surprise, these eggs don't contain a layer of white chocolate, they are just plain milk chocolate eggs.

To my surprise the chocolate tasted quite decent. I wasn't expecting much because Nestlé aren't known for the quality of their chocolate, but it was quite tasty for cheap chocolate.

The capsules inside the eggs snapped open to reveal the toy parts. There's instructions on how to assemble them, but I honestly couldn't be bothered. They looked like something you would get out of a cheap Christmas cracker and didn't seem worth the effort.

Overall, if you're a snacks fan like me then these are just a mild curiosity, but if you have children these eggs are probably a good value treat to keep them happy. I'm not sure how they compare in price to Kinder Surprise, but presumably they are cheaper.

Price: £1 for 3 eggs at Poundland.
Nutritional facts: Contains milk.
Made by: Toto is a Turkish Nestlé brand distributed in the UK.


  1. I bought these for my kids once but they didn't like the chocolate or the toys inside (the latter were truly dire!). I didn't realise they were from Turkey though, I might have to pick up another pack for my Around the World challenge now lol!

    Kinder Eggs are definitely a lot more expensive than they were a few years ago. I remember buying the three-pack in the pound shops quite regularly. They are usually just under the £2 mark now for the same pack. The toys are quite good, although I leave all assembling to my kids, they're much better at that then I am!

    1. I'm not surprised your kids didn't like them lol! They're certainly nothing compared to Kinder Surprise. I haven't had a Kinder Surprise in years though, a shame they're getting more expensive.

      As for your Around the World challenge I might soon have a Turkish chocolate bar I can send you for that :)

  2. As a firm Nestle boycotter (due to their appalling human rights record and aggressive baby formula advertising), I won't be buying these even if they were the last nasty tasting chocolate on the planet.

    However, they have proven to be an enormous source of amusement for my immature mind and that of children, as "Toto" is a Nigerian word for a lady's secret chamber/badly packed kebab/vajayjay/fanjita etc. So even if they weren't made by evil corporation personified, I couldn't quite bring myself to share some Toto with my family.


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