Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seeds White Chocolate

This delicious bar of Lemon and poppy seeds white chocolate is made by Seed & Bean, a company specializing in organic, ethical and fairtrade chocolates. Described as "Italian inspired dreamy white chocolate infused with organic lemon oil from Italy, with a gentle dusting of poppy seeds" it is also hand made and has won a "Great Taste Gold 2011" award.

I'm not that familiar with Seed & Bean but I've seen their bars in Holland and Barrett plenty of times, which is where I bought this. I've wanted to try it for ages now because it's always made me wonder: how does white chocolate, lemon and poppy seeds taste together? Really nice, as it happens!

Opening the wrapper I was met with a delicious creamy lemony scent, like lemon cheesecake. Infact, that's how I would describe this chocolate: "like lemon cheesecake in a bar".

I've never had poppy seeds in chocolate before so this was a new experience for me. And despite there only being 1% poppy seeds, it felt like there were a lot more because they were in every bite of the chocolate.

I thought this bar was lovely. It was sweet as you would expect from white chocolate, but this was tempered by its creaminess and the tartness of the lemon oil, and as well as that there was a slight nutty crunch when biting down on the poppy seeds. All the flavours really worked in tandem together and made for a light, fresh and creamy bar of chocolate. I really enjoyed it!

It brought to mind another, lesser quality bar from many, many years ago: The Kitkat White Lemon and Yoghurt. Does anyone else remember them? It's the only chocolate bar I've ever really eaten that tasted similar to this. But enough of the snacks geekery, because that was a much inferior bar compared to this!

Overall, I think this is a lovely bar of chocolate and if you like light, fresh flavours, I would recommend seeking it out. As well as being organic, ethical and fair trade, it's really tasty!

Price: £2.35 at Holland & Barrett. Seed & Bean are also available at other health food stores.
Ingredients/nutritional facts: Contrains fairtrade ingredients, 1% poppy seeds and 1% Sicilian lemon oil.
Allergy advice: Contains soya and milk. Wheat & Gluten free. May contain traces of nuts. Suitable for vegetarians.


  1. This looks and sounds sooo yummy! Of course as it's white chocolate though. I'm really starting to love lemon flavours lately,though never had it with chocolate before and I've never had poppy seeds before though, so it sounds like a really interesting bar to try :D! Really glad they kept it super creamy, white chocolate just isn't right without the creaminess! Looks like a lovely bar, and quite healthy in a good way too haha! Wonderful review, Kev...loving that website with the kitkat, so cool to see all the past choccie bars :D!

    1. Thanks Becca :) Yes this is definitely an interesting bar, but not too "out there" or weird, the poppyseeds really work with it! Not sure about it being healthy though haha ;)

      Oh and that Kitkat lemon was actually a really nice bar, they also did a "luscious lime" white choc one too! This was back in 2004 I think.

  2. OOO Lucious lime sounds super weird, there really is some crazy kitkat flavours out there, especially from Japan, they've soooooo many! o.o

  3. I love the sound of this bar, I love Lemon and can actually imagine it going really nicely with the poppy seeds. I will look out for this one!


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