M&S Percy Pig Percy In The Pink

I've wanted to try these M&S Percy in the Pink chocolates for ages now, even after reading Gobble Monkey's funny review here saying how overly sweet they are. I'm a big fan of the original Percy Pigs; they're basically the best gummy sweets ever made (though with the recent food scandal I do hope horse hasn't somehow ended up in them!), so I was hoping these would be just as good.

They're described as "Flavoured white chocolate with dried raspberry and strawberry concentrates" and cost £1.25 for a 90g bag.

I'm a big fan of coloured and flavoured chocolate, it seems so much fun even though it usually ends up tasting too sweet. I guess I'm still a little kid at heart. So I kind of expected these Percy in the Pink to taste too sweet, and indeed they did. Infact they were as I expected - vaguely fruity, chalky, and very sweet. Underneath all the sweetness there was a hint of creaminess from the white chocolate, but the predominent taste was of sugar and strawberry/raspberry. Which is fun for a while, but you can't eat too much before it becomes overbearing. They're definitely one for the very sweet-toothed, or for children.

Percy waving goodbye before he gets eaten
Overall, although these Percy in the Pink chocolates were very sweet...I kind of enjoyed them. They satisfy a sweet craving pleasantly enough, and there's certainly much worse chocolates out there. That said, with such a large variety of Percy Pig sweets sold in Marks & Spencer, you'll probably want to go for the real thing. The only trouble is that Pery Pigs are so addictive it's easy to eat a whole bag to yourself! (or maybe that's just me?)

More Percy Pig reviews coming soon...

Price: £1.25 at M&S.
Nutritional facts/ingredients: Contains milk, suitable for vegetarians.


  1. These are so cute. I am assuming they are the same chocolate as in the Percy Easter egg I had?

    1. I think so, although I'm not sure if they're using the "new recipe" in these like the egg had.

  2. I saw these re-packaged for Christmas earlier but this time they are foil wrapped, have no facial features - just a basic starry/cross design and come in a net bag with free stickers.


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