Chocolove Peach & Pecan (Cybercandy)

Today's review comes courtesy of Cybercandy, a well-known company specializing in imported snacks from around the world. They offered me a product for review when I joined their bloggers network, so I chose this Chocolove bar as it's not one of the most well-known American products they had on offer, and because fruity chocolate always gets my attention! I loved Cybercandy's presentation of this bar with the coloured foam pieces in the box - it reminded me of fruit loops cereal.

The premise of this bar is that it's meant to be a gift for your lover, and contains a love poem by Robert Browning inside the wrapper. If your partner loves chocolate and poetry then this is probably the perfect combination, but then perhaps some people might find it a bit cheesy. Personally, I think it's a lovely idea, being a lifelong chocolate lover and romantic at heart! The wrapper is also made to look like a love letter envelope, which is a cool idea - who wouldn't want to receive one of these through the post?

The chocolate contains 33% cocoa solids as well as 33% freeze-dried peach pieces. Each piece has a loveheart printed on it which you can hopefully see here:

Given that this bar is all about luuuuuurve you'd expect it to be delicious, so how did it taste? Well, it was very good! It's tastier than most mainstream chocolate bars like Dairy Milk or Galaxy and has a quality feel to it. Infact I would describe the taste as a "better quality Galaxy" - it has that distinctive creamy smoothness that Galaxy has, but is less sugar-laden and has a richer cocoa flavour. The peach pieces were quite crunchy, but surprisingly they didn't have a very strong peach flavour. They were subtle and fruity but I wouldn't be able to distinguish them in a blind taste-test. The pecans added a lovely woody, savoury sweet crunch, and balanced out the fruity flavour with a nice hint of nuttiness. Combined with the creamy milk chocolate these flavours worked together really well.

Overall, I thought this was a delicious bar of chocolate. I would certainly love to get one from my other half; they're very romantic and and I love the concept of them.

Looking at Chocolove's website I see they do many other flavours, such as cherries and almonds in dark chocolate, salted peanut in milk chocolate, toffee and almonds in milk chocolate...and more! It'd be nice if more of them were available in the UK, please get on it Cybercandy! :)

This bar is available from Cybercandy's online store here:

Cybercandy Facebook:
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*Cybercandy sent me this bar for an honest review and all views expressed are my own. 


  1. I've seen these around and I absolutely love the ideas behind it. The packaging is just gorgeous too. I wasn't sure if they would actually taste any good so I'm really pleased to see this review! It's a shame it wasn't more peachy but it still sounds delicious :)

    1. I would go for the other flavours if you see them, a shame Cybercandy only stocks the two! These would make a nice gift for Valentines day I think :)

  2. I wish I could be part of Cybercandy's blogger's circle too! My blog is too new, and still needs more exposure and following.

    I love the packaging for this chocolate bar! It sounds really good as well, might try it on my next trip to cybercandy.

    1. Aw you will get there :) Your reviews are well written with great pics, loved your Ikea one!

      Cybercandy do a lot of cool stuff don't they, it's hard to keep up with it all as they do so much.


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