Monster X-Presso Coffee Energy Drink

This is another one of my recent finds from a local Chinese store, and it's a new one on me as I've never seen a chilled coffee energy drink before. But then I'm not the greatest fan of energy drinks and rarely pay attention to them. I find they have all have a weird sickly taste, although I guess they're good for a quick burst of energy.

This Monster drink sounded like it would give me the best of both worlds - a boost of coffee in the form of a traditional energy drink, with all it's additives like Taurine, Ginseng etc that supposedly boost mental focus. In reality it didn't turn out to taste very nice and re-affirmed my feeling that energy drinks just taste weird!

Something I should mention is that it contains nitrous oxide as a foaming agent. For those unaware, Nitrous Oxide is commonly known as "laughing gas" and is often used in dentistry for it's anaesthetic and analgesic effects. Unfortunately this drink didn't have me in fits of laughter after tasting it, which was disappointing!

Pouring it into a glass, it had a foamy appearance thanks to the Nitrous Oxide:

It tasted very sweet, but quite smooth and creamy. Presumably the creaminess was coming from the Nitrous Oxide. It had a weird, almost "bitter" chemical aftertaste, which spoiled the overall flavour. Coupled with the excess sweetness I didn't enjoy it much at all. It gave me a bit of an energy boost though, so at least it served its purpose.

Overall, I can't really recommend this drink as it's neither a tasty fizzy drink nor a delicious creamy coffee drink (I would recommend Emmi Caffee Latte for that instead). It sits somewhere in the middle but tastes too artificial to be enjoyable, at least to my tastebuds. If you need a caffeine boost I would go for real coffee!

Price: £1.30 at Chinese supermarket.
Nutritional/ingredients: Contains caffeine, nitrous oxide, taurine, panax ginseng root, guarana seed extract, inositol, l-carnitine, l-tartatate.
Made in: Ireland.


  1. As the name suggests it clearly is a monster x - presso energy drink and just tastes way better than any other coffee energy drinks.
    Glan Deas
    Kopi Luwak

  2. Hahahaha!!! I have never seen this one before. Must have a look next time I'm in China Town. :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nice review, thanks! I also like Australian energy drink Staminade. It's not only gives me energy, but improves my stamina when I'm in gym and doing some sport. Highly recommend to try it as well!


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