Pergalé Coconut Centres

I was quite excited to find these Pergalé Coconut Centres in Family Bargains recently. After trying the new Lindor Coconut (reviewed here by The Review Addict) and experiencing how delicious coconut truffles can be, these seemed all the more tempting, and interesting too as they are white chocolate coated. The big difference between these and Lindor, apart from the price (they cost £1 for 100g) was the quality - these were much poorer quality. They're like a poor man's Lindor.

The chocolates were wrapped in little wax paper wrappers as well as a shiny outer foil wrapper. I thought this was a nice touch, it reminded me of old fashioned sweets.

Taste-wise, they were very sweet, but also very milky. The filling was a bit sticky, not as smooth as Lindor, and had a weird alcoholic tang to it. It was okay, but not really my thing since I don't like alcoholic chocolates. The coconut taste was pleasant enough, though.

Overall, although these weren't amazing, I didn't hate them either. They made a nice change and are probably worth a try if you happen to see them. I've seen other varieties in discount stores such as hazelnut, so might give those a try next.

Price: £1 at Family Bargains, 99p at 99p Stores.
Nutritional facts: Contains milk.


  1. I've seen these a few times in a 99p store (no Family Bargains around here). I thought they looked a lot like the Lindt truffles too! Shame they weren't as nice but it's good to know they are worth a try for the price.

  2. I tried their hazelnut pralines (£1 for a box of 16 little chocolates) and liked them. Can't find out anything about the brand, but they were certainly nice for the price.

    1. There's also some milk choc Pergale bars in shops like Poundzone and Discount UK, plus marzipan, dark truffle, fruit and nut and caramel varieties. Have you tried any of those?

    2. Pergalė is on of the biggest Lithuanian sweets brand. Good in quality and price. Very popular in middle and north Europe.


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