Morrisons Ice Cream Sundae Fondant Cremes

When I saw these "Ice Cream Sundae Fondant Cremes" at Morrisons I just had to try them. Firstly because they were reduced to £1 (they're usually £1.99) and secondly because I love fruity chocolates, especially fruit cremes (I'm one of those rare people who likes the strawberry cremes in Quality Street).

Described as "Milk chocolate coated fondant cremes with peach melba and raspberry ripple flavoured centres", they come in a little plastic bag inside the box:

It's all a bit tacky looking, but considering the cheap price tag I will let them off. The raspberry ripples are white chocolate coated and come in a pink wrapper, whilst the peach melbas are milk chocolate coated and come in an orange wrapper :

Cutting into them revealed a thin layer of fruit "jam" in the centre of each fondant:

Taste-wise, they were throat-searingly sweet. I should have expected this since fondant cremes are usually sugary by their very nature, but these were insane. I have to say though I did enjoy the fruity flavours, the peach melba was very pleasant and did actually taste of peach, although the milk chocoate coating tasted cheap and poor quality. The raspberry ripple was ok, the white chocolate gave a nice creamy contrast to the raspberry filling, but it was still far too sweet.

These are cheap chocolates, there's no doubt about that. They're quite rubbish; garishly packaged, overly sugary and yet...I can't help but find them endearing. I think it's the nostalgia factor. Fruit cremes will always bring out the little kid in me, and as sugary as these were, they were kinda fun too.


  1. "Throat-searingly sweet" lol, right up my street then! Not a fan of strawberry creams but the raspberry ripple sounds good!

    1. Haha! The good thing about these is that you only need a few before you've got your sweet fix.


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