Gubor Feines Duett Apple Calvados Truffles

After my disappointment that the Gubor Winter Apfel wasn't apple flavoured, I've been on a mission to find some decent apple flavoured chocolate. Laima's Christmas Chocolate Apple-Toffee was disappointing, but when I found these Feines Duett truffles by Gubor, I was a bit more excited. 

I saw these in Tk Maxx for £1.99 pre-Christmas, alongside a plum flavoured version. Unfortunately they no longer stock either flavour, boo! They're basically little truffle balls in a similar vein to Lindor, half filled with calvados truffle filling and half with apple filling.

I'm happy to report that they were very yummy indeed! The calvados truffle wasn't too strong, which is a plus for me because I don't like strongly flavoured alcoholic chocolates, and the apple filling had a nice balance of sweet and tartness. The chocolate itself was excellent quality; creamy, rich and with a smooth taste that melted in the mouth nicely. My only complaint was that the truffles seemed a bit under-filled.

I would recommend these Feines Duett truffles to anyone who enjoys fruity chocolates, as long as you don't mind a light touch of alcohol on the side. They're not the most "appley" chocolates around, so I'm still on a mission to find some good apple flavoured chocs.

Overall, Gubor are a great brand producing excellent quality chocolates, and I hope to come across more of their products in the future.


  1. I wish I could have found these as well. I only found the ones with plum (also very nice, but under-filled). And there was another version with cherry liqueur, but that was sold only as part of a gift hamper :(

    1. Hi Ana, let's hope there's some more of these around next Christmas eh :) Cherry liquer sounds great! I think there's also an orange liquer truffle too?


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